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Safari/Firefox on Imac keeps crashing, I hear this is happening to many!

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) June 24th, 2009

So out of know place 2 days ago any website(so it seems) that used flash, example a myspace with a flash music player will load and then I get that spinning pinwheel. It never goes aware I have to force quiet out of the browser. This happens in Firefox and Safari. I downloaded the latest everything, flash, browsers, all OS updates. This is still happening and Apple wants $150 to tell me what’s wrong. I looked it up online and saw ALOT of people having the same issue especially they they go to Anyone know the fix?

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Flash abuses the hell out of a mac’s cpu

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Flash just sucks ass on OS X. I really suggest the Flashblock extension for Firefox.

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It’s so bad, even Flash developers at Adobe recommend you get a Flash blocker.

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We have nothing but Macs in the studio, I have a mix of Macs and PCs at home and have not experienced a problem. Currently I have more than thirty windows open in Firefox (doing some research and comparing notes) plus Photososhop CS4 and iTunes. The Activity Monitor indicates that Firefox is using 72% of the CPU and a half gig of real memory plus 1.4 GB of Virtual. More than usual, but I don’t usually have om many graphics windows open.

A couple of versions back Firefox would start to choke if you didn’t flush the virtual spool two or three times a day, but not on the last two releases. All I would do then was “Force Quit” Firefox and restart it, with it automatically opening all windows as they were, but running like new again. It has been quite some time since I have had to do that.

It could be a RAM issue, my system all have eight gigs – aside from the iMacs, but even the iMacs don’t give problems..

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I don’t think it’s RAM cause I can have photoshop Illustrator AIM and a series of other windows open and not a have a problem or I can nothing open and open firefox then any page with flash crashes. I downloaded that flash block and it stopped the problem but it sucks because I’m missing out on things I wish worked.

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Have you tried going back and installing a slightly older version of Flash? This means you’ll be able to get most of the YouTube clips etc., but not some of the new fancy web-apps out there that try to everything with flash. It may be that the latest version of Flash is incompatible with something about your system.

When did you start experiencing this problem?

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actually and i had to do this twice but i cleared all the files in the browser and restarted and it seems to work fine now..really odd….oh I also enabled pop up in firefox which i doubt has anything to do with it but it kinda seems like the problem started when i allowed pop ups a few days ago for a job app….who knows..

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