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Can anyone help me find some good recording software?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1775points) June 24th, 2009

something that record over the thing I just recorded, something like mixpad
do you know of any good free recording software?

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Removed by me

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Mac? PC? I think I know a few.

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@dverhey PC, I forgot to mention that sorry, well which ones?

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Try Audacity. It’s got a pretty good recording function, a great editor, and it’s free. I’ve recorded some stuff on there.

I will try and dig up some other links.

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Suggest Cakewalk and associated products.

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If you’re up for paying, Cakewalk makes great software.

Beat me to it.

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Audacity is good for an extremely limited budget, but is hardly capable in comparison to other industry standard software. For PC, ProTools is probably the most widely used in professional settings—however, it requires you to buy specific hardware components which are often overpriced. For a more economical solution, Steinberg offers software which is highly capable and works with almost all hardware: Cubase and Nuendo. If you can afford it, I suggest going for either of these two latter.

Then again, I just reread your post, and since you’re looking for free software, I suppose Audacity will do the trick for you.

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Kristal is also excellent software. And pretty damn powerful too. And Anvil Studio is alright. Kinda ugly, but still a good and useful app.

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Personally, however, when I use Windows, I like Kristal and Audicity.

Mac, though, Garageband all the way.

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thank you guys for the recommendations but I chose Kristal thanks again

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Yup. Good choice.

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Its a pay for thing mixcraft4 .Tho if you look hard enough you can find serial codes online .

I do not advise nor is this a suggestion to steal it

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Umm… What?

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@dverhey I’m not a profesional but I might have seen them in movies but I don’t know

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Try cakewalk pro

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