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Yahoo announces "Jelly talks". Is this a copycat?

Asked by YARNLADY (44977points) June 24th, 2009
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Damn another copycat
People are jelous of us wonderful jellies

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They are referring to the jelly that spreads but still- come on guys!
That is wrong!

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I don’t think it’s a ripoff. Sure, it’s a similar idea, but I don’t think it’s a blatant phrase-jack. I would say it’s sort of a coincidence they didn’t really bother to fix.

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I’m not happy about this. >:(

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben and Andrew take a closer look at this Yahoo creation as it appears to be a little too coincidental that they just came up with their idea out of the blue. I could be totally wrong but something smells rotten in Denmark, so to speak.

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awww, damn. now i have to beat up Jerry Yang.

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I suppose peanut butter talk or honey talk would not work.

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What do they mean by “jelly”? I don’t get it.

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Uh oh. Another Jason Calacanis episode?

I hope not…

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This is not a copy cat. Jelly/Jelly Talks was started by a friend of mine (potentially before Fluther existed), and I think refers to the jelly from peanut butter and jelly, not jellyfish. Either way, it’s a really cool co-working thing that has nothing to do with Q&A or anything related to Fluther.

If you look further into it, you’ll see that I’ve been attending these “Jellies” (and yes, I did notice how strange it was that it was the same name) including the very talk in the video. I even had lunch with those guys right after this.

Anyway, sorry to disappoint everyone, but there’s no need for rioting in the streets. This is just a symptom of a really cool word. :)

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Damn- I guess we should put the pitch forks away.

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I’m still caring mine just in case

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@ben I’m glad we got that cleared up. I didn’t even see you in there.

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@chupacabra Dang, I was late and didn’t even get to light my torch.

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@Tink1113 @Randy Well, the night is young- we can check out more threads and look for a Troll.

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@ben can i still beat up Jerry Yang?

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After seeing @ben‘s answer, I retract my vociferous indignation that I previously posted in this thread in defense of Fluther. Carry on Jellies. Go forth and multiply. (And post a few answers here if you get the chance).

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@chupacabra I would suggest that but I would end up beating myself, I’ve trolled recently

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The world is at peace. Still think it is a stupid name though.

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Does this mean I can’t bust some knee-caps?


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i don’t know, but it makes me cringe.

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Dr. J overheard saying, “It must be jelly ‘cause jam don’t shake like that.” (Glenn Miller)

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