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What's the coolest way to die?

Asked by Xtacy (22points) June 24th, 2009 from iPhone

I recently saw a shirt that showed the no smoking symbol. Written under it, it says “there are cooler ways to die.”

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I believe the coolest way is just like @Blondesjon’s cats.

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You were born naked, With proper planning, you can die that way too.

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accidentlly locked in some walk-in refrigeration unit?

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a badly planned and executed expedition to the South Pole?

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I thought it was pretty cool how Clint Eastwood’s character died in “Gran Torino”
But fast sounds good to me.

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@chupacadabra thanks for the spoiler

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fighting off zombies….with chuck norris

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Sylvia Plath got it down.

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Yikes, @veganpeanutbutter. Far from cool in my book, however poignant an ending it made for her biography.

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@veganpeanutbutter Uh- yeah I agree with @Jeruba on that one. To stick your head in an oven with your kids taking a nap down the hall- not cool.

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I give anyone above this post who meant temperature points points for thinking outside of the box.

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@Jeruba True; but her suicide was so incredibly planned out. Granted, I wouldn’t want to do so if children were involved – sadly a slice of white bread and a glass of milk isn’t sufficient for child care – but I’ve always been intrigued by her death. As one of the most famous suicides in history, there’s no surprise why.

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While standing in front of a crowd of 10,000 people after uttering words, “so without further adieu, the secret to eternal happiness is…”

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With sunglasses on-everyone looks cool in sunglasses.

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The way that Barry Newman’s Kowalski character went out in the 1971 movie Vanishing Point. Very efficient and painless.

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Dying with a smile on your face, especially if it’s not yours.

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Redheads to the left of me,
Cookies to the right,
Here I am,
Dead in the middle with you

apologies to steelers wheel

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It might be cool to die while having sex. I would be coming while I was going.

As far as my partner was concerned, not so cool for them if they didn’t climax before I passed on.

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In your sleep.

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fired out of a cannon over niagra falls

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Theres a cool way to die?

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flying a bi-plane through a barn

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or a jet into a skyscraper

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I want to die in my sleep at age 135, so it can be sudden, but not unexpected, shortly after a family reunion.

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while piloting an airliner without copilot?

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I thought of a cool way to die… In a spacesuit, crossing over the event horizon into a Black Hole. I would be ripped to shreds, pain free. The Black Hole would be my coffin.

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Be impaled with a rusty javelin that contains genetic information (and whatever else) to warp you into a battered cod, and then be eaten by seventeen inch high elves. I think you’d die somewhere in that process… and it would be cool…

But personally, I think i want to be shot in the head because it seems quick and pretty certain that you’re actually going to die, and you would probably be aware that you’re going to die, not like dying in your sleep or something… Like to be prepared for this, and in control…

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