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Is there a Windows program that can open WouldjaDraw files?

Asked by bluemukaki (4327points) January 1st, 2008

I made a graphic in WouldjaDraw for Mac whic I want to share with a mate who wants to edit it. But he’s on a PC running Windows. Is there anyway of making the file editable in a free piece of software or in Fireworks?

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Does WouldjaDraw allow its files to be saved in another format? If so, it is a much better way than finding a software that can on Windows.

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No, that’s the thing. I tried to save it in other formats but it only lets you save in ’.wjdraw’. Seems a bit stupid…

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I took a quick peek at that apps website. Does it allow for layers? If it just a flat file (just pixels, nothing else) could you take a screenshot and send them that as a gif or png file?

Can you still edit individual elements if saved with that file type?

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From the website at the very bottom:

Like any good drawing program, WouldjaDraw allows you to export to a number of standard formats, including PDF, PNG, TIFF, JPEG and GIF. You can also easily copy and paste your drawing into other applications that support the PDF format.

There are a few programs that can edit PDF, Adobe Illustrator being the one I know best (though it is far from free). I’m sure if you look for an application that allows you to edit PDFs you should be in business.

If you don’t want to go the vector route just export as a PNG or TIFF and edit it in Fireworks.

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