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Who'll help me celebrate Darwin's ascent to the 10k heights?

Asked by Jeruba (52919points) June 24th, 2009

Our friend and fellow jelly Ms. Darwin has reached the big milestone. Let’s congratulate her!

I’ll start with these.

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Congrats Darwin!

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Congrats Darwin
Good catch Jeruba I was waiting for someone to call it out

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Wow. Congrats! It seems like it was just yesterday…

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YEAH!!! Darwin, I just missed it! You were at 9996, the last time I checked. Congratulations, my friend. :) For all your wonderful answers and wise advice, you deserve to be in the 10k club!

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Congrats to Darwin- who can identify the breastbone of a seagull and fishbits!

You rock!

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Welcome to the club Darwin! We’re happy to have you. :D

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Wow, that’s great! Huzzah! I always know there’s going to be some wisdom in your posts, Darwin. Congratulations. :D

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Good Job Darwin! keep it up! who am I kidding I know you’ll keep it up! congrats

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@Darwin, I greatly admire the calm competence of your informational posts as well as the wise rationality of your opinions.

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Darwin…I so wanted to put you over the top but my “counting” lurve for you was max’d out. Congratulations on such a well deserved achievement. You were a natural selection for the 10K Lurve Lounge and you’re in some pretty good company up there (better keep an eye on that damn monkey, tho).. Warmest regards…wtf

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Good job, old bean. Survival of the fittest and all.

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
3 cheers for a first rate jelly!

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Wow, we are surrounded by the literate of the big 10’s! I am honored to be in such company.

CONGRATULATIONS to Darwin, hope you come visit your town soon.

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HOLLA!!!! Congrats, darwin.

I’ll get the balloons.

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Congratulations to one of the more evolved jellies.

Whenever I see you post, I just know I’m going to learn something. Great work (or is it play?)

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An excellent achievement and milestone, Darwin! Congratulations to you for a well deserved 10k lurve!

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Well deserved, and about time.

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yay! happy 10k (=

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Congrats! Nice to have some great jellies around!

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I’ll help celebrate.

Oh, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations! May you continue to evolve to 20K!

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Humor, knowledge and character all rolled into one furry jelly! Congrats! In your honor this morning, pancake breakfast at my house!

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It was awesome to watch your lurve evolve! Congratulations!

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It’s an evolutionary moment! A moment of zen for Darwin! Survival of the fittest, indeed!

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Congratulations Darwin!!!

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Congratulations; it seems that social selection is working well.

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I KNEW you could do it!!!

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I think you may have been the first person here that I maxed out on lurve for. Your answers are always a good mix of humor and just good advice. Congratulations on 10K well deserved.

Not going to make an evolution joke.

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congratulations! you are another whos responses I always look forward to. thank you!

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Wonderful! Congratulations Darwin!

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CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve it! It must be exhausting being to wise!

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Congrats! We lurve you!!!

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Congratulations and much lurve to one of the few jellies that really can see through my bullshit. You are a great person to know Darwin.

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Oh look at you @Blondesjon! You’re almost there yourself! WOOT!

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Well-deserved! You are a great addition to Fluther. Congratulations!

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Yay! Congrats :)

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Congrats Darwin! :D

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Woop Woop Whistle for a hottie ;-)

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