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What is this logo?

Asked by peedub (8703points) June 24th, 2009

For some reason I keep thinking it’s Disneyland-related. The cardigan is from the 1960’s or early 1970’s.

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Could it have been the uniform for Tomorrowland? guessing

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@eponymoushipster That’s what I was thinking but it may having nothing to do with Disney. I was also thinking Epcot.

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@peedub yeah, except Epcot did show up til the early 80s…1983 i think? besides, when Epcot opened, everything was that quasi-scifi look. (Remember Michael Jackson’s Caption Eo?)

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Looks like Epcot to me.

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@peedub i remember in 1st/2nd grade thinking that was the coolest thing…

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@eponymoushipster Sure first grade… o.O

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Could it be from the “Carousel of Progress” at Disneyland?

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The red thing in the middle is very similar to the CBC logo. It’s a federally subsidized media corporation in Canada.

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@Mtl_zack- Good eye. I hadn’t noticed that. You’re right.

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“Hey Peedub, it does look a lot like the Epcot Spaceship Earth icon

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

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@Mtl_zack and @btko are correct, but it does give me an idea… they did make an app to find out what song was playing on the radio, so why not one that searches (*.jpg, *.gif, etc) for images to compare to the one in which you are trying to figure out?! just throwing it out there. I know it might seem like an overly daunting task for the processors at the moment but then again look where we are today compared to a decade ago.

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Thanks guys! It even looks like there’s a ‘C’ in the middle of mine.

Also, something I left out that verifies CBC is the fact that the tag is in French. It all makes so much sense now. Finally I will get a night of sleep.

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Perhaps Expo 67?

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According to Wikipedia, this version of the logo didn’t come into use until 1974.

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Man, you guys are all so wrong.

It’s my avatar, of course. Always has been. Looks pretty snazzy on that jacket, too. Might need to get myself one of those bad boys. Perhaps with the money I win after suing the ass off whoever has stolen my copyrighted image.

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