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Do Hayfever relief tablets really work?

Asked by pezz (1291points) June 25th, 2009

I have only been suffering with Hayfever for a few years, but I get it bad in my eyes. I have been using different tablets each year to try to help. But I wonder do they really work. Trouble is I’m at the point where I dare not stop taking them in case things get worse

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I suffered like that for probably 40 years before I got smart enough to go to an allergist, get tested, and start with injections. One of the best decisions I ever made. It changed my life. Up-front cost and moderate inconvenience were nothing next to the benefits.

I still take tablets, too, but tablets prescribed by a doctor who knows exacty what I’m allergic to.

“Hay fever” can be a lot of different things. That’s why you need to be tested for reactions to specific allergens.

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@Jeruba This is why I should have been an allergist. People typically love their allergists for this reason.
@pezz If your eyes are itching a lot, you probably will need a prescription nasal steroid spray ± prescription eye drops. Both work a lot better than the tablets.

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@shilolo: For me, the allergist and his monthly shots for three years improved nothing and thinned my wallet considerably. I hated him

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@gailcalled This is why I’m glad I’m not an allergist… :-)

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@shilolo: Let me tell you about my dermagraphism. We could play tic-tac-toe on my skin whilst chatting.

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I guess it depends on the cause of the hayfever. I found relief from the over the counter pills I take.

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