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How tall is the London Bridge?

Asked by Swervy (107points) June 25th, 2009

How tall is it and how wide?

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Which London Bridge?

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Do you want the old London bridge i think is now located in America . Or the modern bridge located in England ?. There have been many bridges in that area over the years.
Since i think you want the new one here goes .

Modern bridge is : Longest span 104 m (340 ft)
Total length 262 m (860 ft)
Width 32 m (107 ft)
Clearance below 8.9 m (29 ft).

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Are you still Trawling that’s a funner way of putting across , are you still a troll?

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I’m willing to bet that you could find everything you’d ever need or want to know about any bridge, London or otherwise, on a couple of websites called Google and Wikipedia.

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Do you by any chance mean Tower Bridge?

London bridge is pretty boring.

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Obviously not very tall since it keeps falling down ;)

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I don’t know. Would you like to buy it?

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Google eh? I’ve heard good shit about that!

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London Bridge is 456 feet tall and 928 feet long.

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