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I need a good bag to make a few day trips through Europe. What's a good one?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) June 25th, 2009

We’ll be making a few short trips where we’ll be staying in hostels, and I want to be able to take all my things with me when we’re out for the days. What’s a good bag for this?!

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Timberland “makes” a bag (Samsonite really makes it) that is super rugged, the size of a carryon (a rolly one) and transforms into a backpack. It’s all soft sides, has an expansion, and has a garmet bag. It’s wonderful! I’m using it for a 10 day trip to Australia later this year and on a weekend trip to NYC right now. It is often on sale for about $50.

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Are you looking for an average rucksack or a hiking bag? Will you be carrying valuables in the bag? Fragile objects such as a laptop? If you’re searching for something to carry mostly clothes and toiletries I would suggest a simple “over the shoulder” sports bag; they’re cheap, have plenty of space, are convenient and rarely, if ever, break/tear.

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whatever bag you choose, just make sure its comfortable to carry. The bag I used when traveling in turkey last year seemed durable, light enough – and, to be honest, I really liked the design. But while traveling I discovered that the bag straps were not very strong, it grew heavier with each day, and worse, cut into my shoulders.
I like nice bags, but for on the move travel, practicality is the best way to go.

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Eagle Creek makes several styles. I have one that’s comfortable and durable. Also, Rick Steves website has one that’s nice and Patagoinia, but theirs are pretty spendy.

A lot of hostels have safes now. You probably don’t need to take all of your stuff with you when you leave. Take your camera & iPod, and leave your clothes & toiletries.
And, if you are worried about money, get a money belt.

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You can visit a major sporting goods store and look at various styles. Seeing the bags in person is the best way to choose.

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Baggalini makes yummy looking bags in many sizes and good colors. But I agree with @YARNLADY that you need to try them on. If that can’t happen, I do hear really good things about Rick Steves’ bags, even from people who don’t like his accent.

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What type of bag are you talking about?

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