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When women have their periods or are about to get their periods, how many of them actually have bad moods due to hormones?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21477points) June 25th, 2009

First off, let me apologize for the awkward wording of the question.

There seems to be an obsession with the moods women have while they have their periods. A woman is angry around that time of the month and it is assumed to be a result of PMS or the period itself. I don’t experience any kind of mood swings but I do have the kind of cramps that could take out a herd of rhinoceroses. Sometimes, I’m a little testy because of this. This is not hormones, this is pain which makes anybody angry whether male or female, whether on a hormonal roller coaster or not. I also know some women who don’t like having people tiptoe around them so they also get a little angry at people.

This leads to my actual question. How many women experience mood swings due to hormones?

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I just get emotional and my stomach starts to hurt

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I’m irritated most times anyway. The cramps just make it worse.

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@Facade: That’s what I’m saying though. Everyone cries “period!” or “PMS!” when often it’s just “Ack, pain!”

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I get really uptight and irritable, yell at everything anyone says to me, even if it’s not offensive in any way. I’m often in a bad mood actually because of the hormones, I usually don’t get bad cramps, but occasionally I do.

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The cramps themselves piss me off because I’m way too busy to deal with the pain. But I’m one of the lucky ones who only deals with cramping for about 36 hours then it’s gone. Other than that I’m no different really. Maybe a tad lovey dovey but that knocks me down to normal people level. Usually I’m pretty cold. giggles.

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Most women experience a steady increase in mood from the first day of their period until the day of ovulation (usually around day 15 of a 28-day cycle). After ovulation, mood steadily decreases until the cycle begins again so that the lowest point in mood is usually the last few days before your period starts again.

Often, these changes are not significant enough to be noticeable unless you chart them daily. Some women seem to be much more sensitive to changes in hormone levels, which might explain why some tolerate hormonal contraception (the pill, the patch, the ring, depo provera, norplant) better than others. It would be hard to say how many women are influenced at all by their hormones—I would say put that number near 100% (for women with normal, functioning hormone systems). But for some women the change might be so minor that they don’t even notice.

I was working on a project having to do with the menstrual cycle and hormones recently. If you’re interested, I can show you some data I collected tracking mood versus menstrual cycle position.

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@KatawaGrey back away slowly, dude!

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I used to be a b*tch in a semi-rage when my “Aunt” decided to stop by. Now, I’m not affected at all.

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maybe if we called it something nice, like “walking down the red carpet”, it wouldn’t make the ladies feel so rotten.~

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I get a little more emotional and easily irritated, but nothing beyond someone else just kind of having a bad day.

What I hate is whenever I do get ticked off, no matter what time of the month it is, many guys automatically assume it is because of my period as though I am not capable of or allowed to just have a bad day or be legitimately angry about something.

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I just get VERY emotional the week before, and just generally feel lathargic with achy joints, not so much moody but tetchy.

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Every woman is different.
My mood gets affected by hormones, not just because of what they make me feel, but what they do to me physically. Before I get my period, I break out. I then get annoyed, frustrated and upset because of the break out thus putting me in a bad mood. It’s a combination for me.

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In my experience, 46.333% of women are moody and bitchy during their periods. The other 53.666% are simply like that all the time.

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@Jack79 :-) you bad word. GA.

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My periods make me very physically uncomfortable but not emotionally bad moody. I get other kinds of moody.

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For me it’s really bad cramps and a whole lotta depressive feelings a few days prior to my period.

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I don’t necessarily blame hormones, sometimes people just piss me off

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I get them like two weeks before I get my period…weird….
i’m actually happy during that week because i’m one week closer to the end of my whole period life…anyways it makes me uncomfortable when i’m exercising..which might make me a little moody…just a little but i’m mostly a bitch almost every damn day!!

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@cyndihugs yeah. i’ve met women who i’m pretty sure have 4 sets of ovaries, because they’re damn near always walking the red carpet.

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@eponymoushipster that’s why Angelina Jolie walks the Red Carpet…

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If my mood’s going to drop with PMT, it’ll generally do so long before any pain arrives… so for me it would seem to be to do with the hormones. Plus, the pain anyway is related to hormones… ;)

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I have mood swings, but I’m also bipolar, so who knows what causes what because I am usually moody.
But actually, I guess I could point to my pms for moods also, because some girl friends have told me that they could tell when “my time of the month” was here because of my moods.

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