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Are Uggs cheaper in the Summer?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) June 25th, 2009

My friend says that UGGs are best to buy them in the Summer because you save yourself like 30 dollars. Is it true are they cheaper because I want the Pink one and a pair of New brown ones. thanks

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how about saving $100 and not buying ugly shoes?

my guess is that the new(ish) styles come out in the fall, so, yes, it stands to reason they’d be cheaper in the summer, to make way for new stock.

but, seriously, they’re ugly.

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I thought so once, too. But some are not so bad: these and these these are all pretty nice, actually. But, tastes vary, so you might think my choices are bad.

To answer the question, those prices don’t seem very low, so I’d think that it would depend on where you buy your shoes. I think the demand for this brand is high enough that they probably don’t lower their prices too much.

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@eponymoushipster . I believe its my style and i love to be comfortable! And its extremely fashionable around where i live.But then again I don’t dress to impress . I am size 3 which is kids size. Usually they are 90$ for me but i heard they were like 60 or something.

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@eponymoushipster Oh, they’re quite ugly, but they’re damn comfortable. They’re great in the snow.

That’s really the only place I will ever wear them, though…

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@dverhey How bout answering my question insteadd of having a conversation with others
Don’t ANSWER if your not going to Answer the question. I didn’t ask for your opinion just if you know. but since you don’t go have a private conversation with @eponymoushipster about why they are ugly! DUH.

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Damn, woman chill !!!!
Stop insulting the two stubborn guys!—sorry
I think they are cheaper in the summer because nobody would buy them if they were that expensive

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Alright then. Just voicing my opinion…

I think they are probably a little cheaper. Maybe not 30$, but I could imagine you could probably get a pair for a bit cheaper. Depends, though. Are these models you are looking for consistently at a store near you? Are they usually in stock? Because I could see that they would have them overstocked, therefore cheaper if they are usually carried.

To answer your question, though, Uggs are cheaper in the summer. Just maybe not the pair you are looking for.

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unless you want to go the internet auction route, try Zappos or Cozy Boots.

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@eponymoushipster and @dverhey So eponymoushipster and dverhey, you think those shoes are ugly, huh? I agree, not too hot but I bet they would be pretty comfy. Especially if you add a pillow or two. I’m sure you could fit them in there beside your lunch bag and kitchen sink.

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@Clair -Lurve!!!! And I also agree they are ugly!!

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I have no idea but I know what uggs are and there kinds of boots

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If you like them, buy them :))’s true. I mean who would want to but those books in the summer, that’s why they’re cheaper.
You should chill…opinions is what makes FLUTHER AWESOME…
@Tink1113 lurve :)

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@cyndihugs -thanks just protecting fellow fluthers :)

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@Tink1113 always no matter what…even if they’re weird… :))

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@cyndihugs Yup, I know huh :P

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@Tink1113 even if you had arguments with them in the past…you still should care about them…we’re a family :))

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ps ugg boots are crap for the snow, you will fall on your ass, don’t wear them in snow or ice

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