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What does it mean when a person is puking up blood and can't hold their food down?

Asked by laurenlovesjoseph (11points) June 25th, 2009

what should i tell my friend that this means?

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It means they need to get to the hospital.

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@dverhey beat me to it. And fast!

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I’m no doctor, but I would say it means the person needs to seek medical attention – now.

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You don’t truly mean to say you have a friend that gives up blood and you find time to sit down and register to fluther to ask this question? Stop fluthering (for now!) and get moving.

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ER, immediately. Spitting up, coughing up…any form of blood coming up…never a good thing.

Use common sense, take the friend to the ER.

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Welcome to Fluther by the way. Now get them to the hospital!

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Repeat after me:

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Swine Flu?
Uhm the hospital…

Oh and Fluther helps sometimes when in need of advice about going to the hospital or not

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I feel accomplished for having no life, lurking on fluther, and typing fast…

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@dverhey I know. I was having the same sense of accomplishment but there’s always a better loser out there that types faster ;-)

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That’s me!

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That sounds worrisome—tell your friend to call her doctor (lucky it’s not the weekend) and I would guess they will want to see her asap.

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It means you should get the fuck off the computer and drive that poor bastard to the doctor, STAT.

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It is bad! Urgent specialist medical attention is required.

What always amazes me is that people worry about wether or not something like this is serious enough to go the ER. It is!

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Sounds like near death

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Good luck to your friend. Please keep us posted!

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