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Do you put ice in your milk, or chocolate milk when you drink it?

Asked by sanari (485points) June 25th, 2009

We’ve moved to a climate that’s hot as heck and milk gets unfavorably warm after about 5 minutes. I always thought this was a disgusting thing [ice in your milk?!] but now I can’t live without it.

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Unless I’m drinking hot chocolate, I want it so cold it gives me a brain freeze or else it grosses me out.
It either needs to burn my mouth or freeze it.

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Nope. It doesn’t seem to get above 65 here, so I don’t really see any need.

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I put ice in my milk but not my chocolate milk.

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I don’t drink milk, but my sister does that and when it melts it makes it look all nasty

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ice in milk? hell no. i don’t want my milk to be diluted

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Hells no. If I HAVE to put ice in my milk, I’ll put a couple big cubes, then fish them out with a spoon.

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Nope, not a chance. The thought of watered down milk or chocolate milk…yuck!

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This just inspired me to go get some chocolate milk on the rocks. Thanks @sanari.

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I do sometimes, but I’m the kind of person who likes my milk thin anyway, if it’s higher fat than 1.5%, it’s gross to me, so watered down milk doesn’t bother me that much. Hot milk is just plain nasty though.

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Omg, you know what is incredibly delicious though? Put a shot of kalua in the bottom of a rocks glass, fill the rest with milk, and add one ice cube. (Pretty much a White Russian “light” without the vodka). It’s like chocolate milk but oh, so much better!!

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No, but I have been known to put ice in my white wine, especially if it is a really cheap one.

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@La_chica_gomela I’ve been drinking that drink for more years than I can remember. It’s a favorite to order out any time.

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I put choclate somtimes with marshmellos

but i love milk

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I’m not talking about hot chocolate – it’s cold chocolate milk :P

But marshmallows are dreamy in hot chocolate.

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