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How good is Chinese Medicine?

Asked by mellamashermosa (50points) June 25th, 2009
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what do you mean?

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It’s about this good.

Compared to what? I see you’re new, so welcome. It is much more helpful in getting a good answer if you flesh out the details. Do you have any specific treatment or malady you are asking about? Do you want to compare it to Ayruvedic medicine, Japanese medicine, traditional voudoun medicine, or what? You’ve got to narrow it down a bit, or no one can help you. We can only joke.

The first answer was a joke referring to Chinese food. You know, it tasted great, but an hour later you’re hungry again? Or sitting on the crapper!

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Oh Ok, thank you Daloon….Well, I mean I hear a lot of claims regarding Chinese herbs and what they can heal, and specifically I am looking for something like a tincture to help with my sinusitis. I sooo dont want to turn to a regular doctor for drugs that might make me susceptible to something else…Thanks for the welcome too :-)

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I’ve had some friends who said they benefitted from herbal medicines. I don’t know of any studies that determined their benefit. I’m pretty sure they do something and can be helpful, even if it’s only the placebo effect. However, it’s probably more than that. Remember almost all western drugs came from one plant or another.

In any case, you need to go to a Chinese herbalist in order to get what you need. You shouldn’t treat yourself, any more than you would prescribe yourself your own Western medicine. If you are going to use Chinese herbs, you need to go to an expert, and see for yourself if it helps you.

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My sister swears by herbal medicines, but she does go to an expert herbalist in a town where there are many such practitioners. I turned out to be allergic to some of the herbs she uses so I have to avoid them as they only make things worse for me.

My mother always preferred getting a bucket of sea water, heating it on the stove and breathing in its vapors as a cure for her sinusitis.

OTOH, my grandmother swore by the relief of back pain she got from acupuncture, and my mother witnessed patients undergoing childbirth with nothing more than acupuncture to treat any pain.

If you can find a good practitioner it is certainly worth a try.

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