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Does Coconut oil really do all it claims to do? Like help with making hair healthy etc...

Asked by mellamashermosa (50points) June 25th, 2009
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Try it and see , is all i can say . That and try google coconut oil benefits for my skin and hair / body.

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Any oil is good for you hair and skin.

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@Clair Is that a change of avatar ? looks cool .

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I love coconut oil on my skin, and two friends have loved what it does to their hair. It’s so benign, you can try it and see for yourself. If you don’t like it on your skin, cook with it—potatoes especially are fantastic.

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Coconut oil is great for your hair (along with most other oils). But just using oils won’t make it healthy. You need to stop doing things that damage it as well.

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@sandystrachan It is. Thank you.
@Facade is exactly right.
Also I use vitamin E oils on my tattoos to keep them moist and shiny and put the excess in my hair. I love it. I use olive oil sometimes too.

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@Clair Is it you ?
I use Tea tree oil and aloe vera shampoo’s .

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@sandystrachan OH! I love tea tree oil. Once you get past the stench, it works wonders. Clears up any rashes! lol
Cuddled up to Jim Morrison? In my dreams! It’s Pam Courson. And the ever so sexy Jim.

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“Any oil is good for you hair and skin.”

Even Motor oil?

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@ChazMaz Hardy har. ;-)

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Fish oil is great for hair, eyes and skin.

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The South Sea Islanders most all have beautiful skin, especially the older ladies. I asked one how she did it and she said coconut oil. She used it for everything from cooking to bathing. It is a staple of their life, or at least it was for the older people.

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I ditto @Facade . Coconut oil is in fact good for your hair. However it cannot work alone. You can’t damage your hair and expect coconut oil to work miracles (not that you would). It has been used by other cultures for generations.

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