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What is this white platic dock like thing that came with my ipod?

Asked by roysters5 (64points) June 25th, 2009

I got this rectangle white platic thing with my ipod- what is it for?

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Uhm you just said it, dock
I think it’s for when you get like an ihome or something like that and you put it on so it will fit?

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It is so you can fit it onto older accessories. Like docks. You put the white part in the dock and then your new iPod will fit snug.

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^ LOL!!!

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@ChazMaz great answer x1,000,000,000

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I’m sad. I want to know what Chaz and epony said. :(

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I know what they said but if I post it the moderators will take it off

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@MacBean haha. i’ll tweet you. i got like 6 lurves from it.
apparently “butth**e is a bad word now.

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And flux machine

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@eponymoushipster darn, I missed it too :(

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@chyna do you follow my twitter?

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No, I don’t twitter. If I spend any more time on the internet than I do on here, the dust bunnies in my house will rise up against me and smother me.

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[mod says:] Kay, back on topic.

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So, that cap. let’s see….hrm. oh. it’s answered.

thread over

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@eponymoushipster you got me in trouble.

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@chyna shh, talk about plastic bits, it’ll blow over.

Yeah, fits the iPod to the dock. The old iPods were fatter than the current ones.

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Yes, one came with my Ipod.

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humor banned? you’d think I would be used to this by now…

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It is so you can fit it onto older accessories. Like docks. And…
Flux capacitors.

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@ChazMaz and it adapts to make larger holes smaller….like buttholes.

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