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Advice on buying a Canon Vixia?

Asked by trumi (6486points) June 25th, 2009

I’m in the market for a new HD Video Camera, and so far the best model I’ve seen is the Canon Vixia HF10. It has an audio in jack, and a (mini?) hot shoe on top. It’s also in my price range (under $1000) and has gotten good reviews from both Wired and CNET.

However, there are several different models, and I’m totally lost on which is right for me. I’m planning to use it for short films, which I’ll use to apply for film school in the fall. Audio and light quality are important to me, but my budget will remain limited for a while.

So, what advice do you have? Do you own a Vixia, or another camera you prefer? What are the differences between the models?

HALP! :)

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Dang, nothing?

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