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Where could I find information on video game gear?

Asked by Haroot (2123points) June 25th, 2009

Whenever I read a Game Informer or Play magazine, I always take a moment to enjoy the game gear sections. I’m not necessarily looking to buy, but it’s something that interest me. I know that Ebay, Amazon and whatnot have such sections but I was wondering if there is anything more specialized on the subject.

And by gear I mean anything from protective cases for your Wiimotes to Final Fantasy figurines.

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Today I saw a thing about it on yahoo. So, go there and see if they can give you sites

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I follow they keep up to date with all new tech news.

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@willbrawn gizmodo and kotaku are both part of the Gawker network. many of the stories are cross-posting.

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i know this isn’t all gamer stuff but for general stuff, games, tech, cars, accessories, random stuff, is awesome.

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Engadget is a pretty good tech blog.

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