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I imported an audiobook from a cd to iTunes, but need help otherwise.

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) June 25th, 2009

When the individual tracks downloaded onto iTunes, they were all, of course, individual. the iTunes support told me how to change the data from “music” to “audiobook,” but is that all i have to do in order for the audibook to operate like an audiobook on my iPod? what do all the options in the Get Info box dictate?

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I have an update:

The individual files were changed to audiobook files akin to the iTunes support, all at one time, but the files seem to not play in order while on my iPod.

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I found a temporary fix:

The shuffle was on, and simply turning that off fixed my problem…. So now what? Do I get bonus lurve for fixing my own problems and becoming a self-established person?

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No you don’t

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But way to go anyways! =)

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