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Who is REALLY the greatest guitarist ever?

Asked by Leminnes (33points) January 1st, 2008
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Someone named Jimmy or Jimi.

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I nominate SRV

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I love Jimi but I too have to say SRV.

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I think this is a really subjective opinion: there are many guitar players that have excellent technique, but I think that what really matters it’s their own style, their personal signature on the music they perform.

From my own point of view, I would definitely have to say that one of my favorite it’s Jimi Hendrix: I was already a big fan when I listened to Blues, a very nice peak into Jimi’s roots, and with it, I understood a little more about his influences. But I became really amazed with Burning Desire, a collection of experimental sessions that, IMO, really expose the unique relation that Jimi established with guitar.

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Without a doubt in my mind Buckethead. seriously check out some of his stuff on youtube. That and he puts on amazing live shows.

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One side of my mind says Jimmy while the other side says that Gilmour

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van halen, via, satriani, malmsteen,

There is no answer to this question, it is all subjective.

The question should read…“who do you think?” not “who is?”

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Here’s two not previously mentioned…..Terry Kath and Steve Howe

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You need to clarify your definition of what makes and guitar player “great” in your mind.

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Spargett is right. What do you mean? Most great jazz guitarists can play most of the “hardest” rock songs without breaking a sweat, but get little attention compared to rock guitarists. Is it originality? Success? Degree of difficulty of songs? No one has said Zappa or Anastasio yet. Or Scofield. Or Tim Sparks. All phenomenal. And Joe Pass.

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well lemme see

jazz – django obviously
classical – segovia for the win
rock – page
i guess i’ll put another brand of music
psychadelic rock – hendrix
blues – clapton

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i would have to say slash (guns N roses) or eddie van halen they rock!

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There’s a guy, really awesome called Andy McKee

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How about the guy with no arms. This is sick.

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Mark Tremonti or Yngwie

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Steve Stevens

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Eric Clapton duh

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In my opinion:

Omar Rodríguez-López – At the Drive-In (R.I.P.), The Mars Volta and De facto
Kurt Ballou – Converge
Nate Newton – Doomriders and OldManGloom (R.I.P.)
Frank Zappa

and of course Tony Iommi – BLACK SABBATH

xD and don’t think that i am a metal guy, because i don’t ;)

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Oh, Frank Zappa, of course..

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I just came across this band recently, Rodrigo y Gabriela , by far the best female guitarist ive seen and probably one of the best rhythm guitarists too.

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