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80’s fashion.
(i.e. Frankie Say: War Hide Yourself!)

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I don’t know what they are a take-off on, but I noticed today at American Eagle Outfitters that they had similar shirts.

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I don’t know but they’re fuckin’ dumb.

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^ My answer exactly

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If they “took off” at all they’ll probably crash land any second now.

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@buckyboy28 – And no offense if you made them…

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just don’t wear them or sell them :)~

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If you read the information on the last one, the John& Paul & Ringo& George. You will see where they are going with these t-shirts.

Instead of plastering the band on the t-shirt, they are “deconstructing” the band and bringing it to the basics, the members, by names.

Read the “about” section of the website. It might clear things up a bit.

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Wow, they’re really reaching. Blah.

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