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Are the "famous" people on Twitter the actual people?

Asked by TheTips2 (61points) June 25th, 2009

A semi new website(twitter) allows people to post what they are doing. You can find celebrities on twitter, but is the real person posting blogs or is it someone pretending to be them?

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twitter. what’s twitter? oh, you explained it. thanks~

Sometimes it is, sometimes it’s not. TinaFey is fake, but many others are real.

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<——-Brad Pitt

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I know someone that cares. His name is Who.

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Same thing as the MySpace, they are sometimes fake

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EDIT: Sorry, This is the one you want.

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Probably not, some people, like when I started talking on myspace, imitated an actor because they were to afraid. Then there is others who just do it to get a lot of friends who they will never meet

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Twitter has started verifying accounts of high-profile individuals. Here is an example. Notice the “Verified account” graphic in the top right. This lets you know that the account is the real deal.

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the michael jackson twitter is probably fake

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@lefteh Way to take my answer, jerk.

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I’m the real Dave, I can prove it.

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Think about it. These are people who pay others to feed them, clean their homes, put gas in their cars. Do you really think they are sitting in a club Twittering?
They’re paying a publicist do that for them.

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yay those are tottaly the peopel and my cousin even has a twitter but shes not famous

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i was reading everybody’s twitter and you can tell they are fake or not by what they say

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i have a twitter too, and i’m hardly famous. well, i am infamous…

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Some times it is, some times it’s not. People like Paris Hilton who already have a Blackberry in their hand all the time and are known for spewing their thoughts, they are likely real. People like Britney Spears, no, it’s a publicist.

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yeah those are the reall peeps

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