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What topic should I choose for my history term paper?

Asked by shared3 (921points) June 25th, 2009

Anything in Ancient Western Civilization (from Australopethicus Africanus to the fall of the Roman empire) is fair game. What do you think is worth investigating further?

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The law of Justinian
The early Christan church
The trial of Socrates

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maybe the civil war

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Roman rule in Palestine at the time of Christ
The Roman practice of colonization
Phonecian trading routes and practices
The oracle at Delphi and how it was used
Differences between Athenian and Spartan culture
Who was Plato the man?
Homosexuality in ancient Greece
The role of women in ancient Greece

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About the histor

you can go on the comuptur look at the history on google and check what they have but dont write anything down witch is on the computer

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The destruction of Carthage
The path to power in Rome (all the offices one had to hold before one could become consul)
The role of marriage in Roman society
The true destroyer of the Republic: Sulla, Marius, Caesar… or Cato?
Bread and Circuses: Entertainment’s role in Roman politics
Who was cuter, Marcus Antonius or Caesar Augustus?

I keed! It’s James Purefoy, anyway.

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The explorations of the Vikings
Conquests of Genghis Khan
The Battle of Quadesh
Achievements of Sargon
Factors leading to the collapse of the Akkadian Empire

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Various religions and practices (Christianity, Voodoo, Wicca, Judaism, Greek or Roman mythology, etc)
Development of music
Inuit people, Incans, Myans, or Atztecs

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code of Hammurabi, (if I spelled that correctly)
Sparta vs. Athens was mentioned and that is a good idea,

Trojan War

Destruction of Pompeii

Historical truth in the Bible, especially in the Book of Exodus

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How about writing something about how religion has worked hand-in-hand with the various governments to control people, to give power to the wealthy, to create classes of people to work for the wealthy, to promote prejudice between races, to subjugate women, & to deny science as being credible. Discuss the lengths that religion has gone to in order to hold on to their power over the people – history is loaded with information & specific references to savage tactics.

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or you could take the exact opposite position on the same topic that @Linda_Owl has suggested or take the middle ground and make it sound more like the subject of a dissertation such as:

Did the leadership of the Roman Empire (or Persia or Athens or Hebrews) use religion to subjugate the masses (or women or create different social strata) in order to control the general populace?
Then research it, come up with a conclusion or make it survey-like and take the middle ground, presenting two different points of view..

Just a thought


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The Greco-Persian wars are interesting, the underlying ideologies conflicting between the two sides makes for a very interesting story.

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don’t know if this is still relevant, since you might ahve gotten to work already
-The developments in the two regions after the East-West split of the Roman Empire
-Romanization of Gaul
-Could look at some of the Roman poets and their take on contemporary culture—I particularly like Martial, Pliny the Younger, and Catullus, myself
-Tacitus and inter-cultural perceptions (take into account his agenda, of course); numerous other authors would let you explore this topic too

Sorry, my speciality’s mostly post-Rome, but that’s some stuff I remember being interesting.

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@MindErrantry, lol, I still have a week to start. Thanks!

I’m still open to new suggestions so nobody hesitate to add their two cents.

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You can compare the way ancient armies dominated the world and the way McDonald’s, Starbucks, KFC (“Oh you want to eat my chicken!”) has. I personally would love to investigate the true story behind the movie 300, or Alexander the Great.

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Well i agree with MrBr00ks that movie 300 is the best topic to be investigated behind.Another interest of mine is the Hitler story.I would definitely love to know that history.

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