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Why did Michael Jackson die? Who is to blame for his isolation?

Asked by minolta (328points) June 26th, 2009

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From all the news reports I’ve read and those that I’ve seen on television, the cause of Mr. Jackson’s death seems to have been caused by a cardiac arrest event that occurred in his home. As far as his isolation is concerned, I’m not sure who to blame for that. Maybe he brought it upon himself due to his weird behaviors and strange lifestyle.

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^^ What the bald eagle said ^^

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Only HE is to blame for his isolation. Sad.

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More importantly, who cares?

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I have to agree with most of the comments here. You can’t mess around with your body and not expect any comeback. I think that all the operations that he had, sorted his life and the treatments that he took bacame of interest to the media (why I don’t know), thus in doing so, he put himself into isolation. But he gone now.

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I don’t think anyone is to blame for his isolation. He was a weirdo and he isolated himself. He had tons of adoring fans and friends and could have easily had company/help from others but he chose not to. With all the crazy things he did to his body, he really brought this upon himself. I don’t feel sad for him at all….I only feel sad for his family. He seemed like a really bad parent.

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yeah evry thing people have said is true, God made his body the way it was needed to be but he whent and changed it so there for he died

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He was responsible with a little help from media, publicists, family, and fans. I just wish he had released a “How to Moonwalk” CD first!
You know you tried to do it at least once. C’mon, admit it.

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He died of cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest has been responsible for many deaths over the years. Black people have a higher prevalence of cardiac arrest. The unfortunate facts of this form of death is that you have only a few minutes to get the person breathing again before the lack of oxygen to the brain leads to the person being brain dead. Until we know the results of the autopsy, we can only speculate as to what contributed to the cardiac arrest. No one is to blame for his death, death just happens.

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My dad said that he died because he didnt have heath insurence and the doctor might have gave im the wrong medician and thats how he could have died

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@irocktheworld I’m afraid that’s completely wrong. Michael was dead at his house. They tried for an hour to revive him at the hospital, but it was too late. Even if they had brought him back, he would be brain damaged beyond anything, a shell.

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maybe he took a pile in his house thats why:(

and anyway how would you know that

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I think he was responsible for his own isolation. He must have been one of the unhappiest souls on the planet. He had to deal with immense fame from early youth, before he had a chance to grow and form his own personality. People who are born into a life in the media normally are taught to cope with it and have resources to help them, but he had no such background. Fame is an incredibly destructive force.

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BECAUSE the doctor gave him the wrong pils

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@irocktheworld shouting won’t make it true.

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As a said on another thread, a 50 year old man having a cardiac arrest is not in any way unusual. It happens all the time, usually due to atherosclerotic heart disease. Sad, but true. Considering that cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States, I will put my money on natural causes (or perhaps, excessive dieting in preparation for his tour leading to a profound electrolyte imbalance leading to cardiac arrest).

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yeah…nevermind about all that..its very sad about all the things that happened and we will never forget the king of pop

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With that said, I’m seeing news reports focusing on his prescription (or non-prescription medications). There certainly are lots of ways for medications to lead to cardiac arrest, but without knowing what he was taking, it would be pure speculation.

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@irocktheworld, the reason I know your assertions are wrong are because one, Michael Jackson was so rich he likely had a private doctor or at least a few on standby, he certainly had insurance and would not be given a wrong medication. Second, one wrong medication would not have the effect of cardiac arrest which as @shilolo says is the leading cause of death. Since you seem to know he was given the wrong pills, you must provide us with your credible source. Is your dad Michael Jackson’s doctor? Or a doctor at all?

It could very well be that his lifestyle and medication contributed to his death. However I am not a trained medical professional familiar with his case and thus I have no authority to speculate on such things. Even @shilolo who is in medicine says the same thing.

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michael jackson died because we all have to die.
he was a great, innovative, energenic and dedicated musician with an abaundance of talent… were beethoven, handel, bach etc….........and they all ended up dying.
that’s life and death is part of life.

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Being a celebrity in a world where the public appetite for gossip is seemingly insatiable, must be quite a challenge, but ultimately, Michael Jackson must bear responsibility for his own isolation. Yes, lots of people helped fuck him up, but he had available to him, and the resources to take advantage of, every conceivable method of assistance that could help him understand his problems and how best to deal with and/or overcome them.

Why did he die? Well, there is this from another songwriter, Sean Danielson, Smile Empty Soul: “There’s not one motherfucker in this world…That’s gonna live forever”

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