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How happy is John Sanford that Michael Jackson passed away yesterday?

Asked by wundayatta (58591points) June 26th, 2009

The media all seem to focus on the hottest story of the day, and this seems to make them forget about other stories that are going on. Do you think you do this in your life? If you’re working on some crisis, and another, bigger one comes along, do you never get back to the first crisis once the second is dealt with?

Should we expect more of the media? Of ourselves? Or is this appropriate behavior? What, if any, are the problems with having short attention spans? Is there anything we could (or should) do to increase our ability to attend to more than one big issue at a time?

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who is john sanford?

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John Sanford is the Governor of South Carolina who visited his mistress in Argentina after telling his family he was going to walk the Appalachian Trail.
I’ll bet he’s smiling.

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I really don’t get why people care so much about other people’s lives…...seriously

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Well, if you want to take this line of thinking even further…

Isn’t it interesting/convenient that three celebrities all died in the week leading up to the Waxman-Markety Cap & Trade bill that’s being rushed through Congress for a vote today? A bill which is around 1,400 pages long and was only introduced to Congress this past Monday, even while it’s still got details to hammer out in committee.

( wow. am i channeling @kevbo or something here? )

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@daloon It’s Mark Sanford, but I do think you’re on to something.

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A perfect example of this is the fact that Michael Jackson’s death got the most press, Farah Fawcett got less and Ed McMahon, most people forgot about.

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And what about therapy? With therapy, there is a tendency to talk about RECENT things. That’s why, when I was going, I’d keep a log of events since, sometimes, the things that happen the day after your LAST session can be more important then what happened the day before the NEW session.

I also think that part of this “phenomenon” is that time is a great healer, and what is critical three days ago is not so critical today a lot of times.

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@janbb I made the same mistake. John Sanford, the writer of the xxx Prey series, was in my head.
It’s Mark Sanford. Mark! Mark!

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Cheating on your wife is reprehensible but not illegal. I don’t see the need to assemble a lynch mob every time a politician has a mistress.

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I think Mark Sanford is incredibly pleased, as is Ahmadinejad, and the folks involved with the bill discussed upthread by @robmandu. On the unhappy side? The producers of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Kim Jung Il, who was pissed to begin with because Iran was stealing the spotlight.

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Here I thought that maybe John Sanford was ghostwriting Michael’s newest autobiography, and all it was is how the misfortunes of celebrities take priority in the public mind over national and world events.

And what was Mark Sanford thinking? Shouldn’t he have talked to his wife first?

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@Darwin, the way I heard it, he did tell his wife and his staff. It’s just that apparently, it’s easy to mishear “getting some Argentinian Tail” as “going down the Appalachian Trail”.

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I think Michael Jackson’s death is unfortunate. As for the rest, well, I am always sad when I hear of someone dying. Even though death is a natural part of life, I still care about people. As for celebrities, well I care about them too, but not enough to spend time following every aspect of their lives. As for the politician with the mistress, he is a politician. To be a politician, your head needs to fit into your ass easily. His ranting about christian morals is pretty ironic, but then, that never surprises me.

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Usually I am a news junkie but last night it was all Food Channel and A&E since real news was so scarce. Michael Jackson died, probably drug related and…?

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Too early to tell if MJ’s medication was to blame. Toxicology tests take weeks.

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A 50 year old man having a cardiac arrest is not in any way unusual. It happens all the time, usually due to atherosclerotic heart disease. Sad, but true. Considering that cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in the United States, I will put my money on natural causes (or perhaps, excessive dieting in preparation for his tour leading to a profound electrolyte imbalance leading to cardiac arrest).

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He hasn’t looked well for quite some time and has been very quiet about his medical problems. At this point all anyone can say is that his heart stopped.

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Regardless of who it is, someone died, and that is sad and unfortunate. The fact that it was someone who was such a public figure and so influential, as well as the unexpected nature of his death, have given the media and the public a reason to mourn MJ as an icon.

@galileogirl: Regardless of the reason you died, wouldn’t it be disrespectful for someone to say “galileogirl died and…?” That’s pretty cruel, I don’t care if perscription drugs were or were not a factor. That’s plain awful.

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@robmandu I just heard about that bill tonight on the news as my Senator is speaking out against it. It should be looked at more carefully and not shoved through for a vote.

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He wanted to do something exotic…in Argentina.

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