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Can someone tell me how marijuana has affected you in a bad way?

Asked by TabernakAttack (354points) June 26th, 2009

I love pot. Just gonna get it out in the open so you know I’m biased for it. I’m asking who can honestly say that their life has gotten worse after they’ve started smoking pot?

Personally I used to be shy, awkward, mean, ignorant and then I started drinking a lot and that only made it worse. I hated weed all through high school because instead of coming to class some days, most of my friends were out smoking pot. We all got around the same grades in the end, and they weren’t that bad. That showed me pot doesn’t make people stupid. Once high school finished I thought I’d finally try weed even though I’ve been against it for so long. It was then I came to realize it was my lack of understanding of the drug that I hated. Since then I’ve been nice, welcoming, trusting, helpful, understanding. It changed me for the better.

It’s in man’s nature to fear and hate what they don’t understand, and I don’t think there’s anyone out there who smokes pot and can tell me it’s made their life worse.

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It hasn’t, at all, ever.

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One word… MUNCHES!
I will empty the fridge.
That is why I never smoke pot.
Unless someone offers it. :-)

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Being around people who can’t shut up about pot and won’t change the subject to something else has bored me to tears on more than one occasion.

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Well obviously, @TabernakAttack, your research is irrefutable~ There are many on Fluther who have spoken about both the ups & downs of this subject. If you search the archives you will find multitudes of posts relating to this subject. It’s been beaten to a pulp. It seems as though you are seeking reassurance for your personal choices, and it doesn’t appear as though you need it.

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“It’s in man’s nature to fear and hate what they don’t understand, and I don’t think there’s anyone out there who smokes pot and can tell me it’s made their life worse.”

That statement makes it hard to have a discussion, even though I disagree with it. Filling your lungs with smoke, be it from pot or tobacco, increases your chances of lung, tongue, throat and esophageal cancer.

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Well, I spend a ton of money on it. That’s a bit negative, as I would save a lot more money if I grew it myself, but there would be tons more effort and risk. One day though.

Take a look through the archives, we’ve had tons of discussions about it before and I don’t really have time to rehash hehe my thoughts, but you’ll find them in there :)

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I got a severe case of paranoia, and was lost for hours in Amsterdam…. Oh, and I spent way too much money on ice cream, and all sorts of snacks.

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well I think it does have effects.
a lot of times it will make a person a bit more lackadaisical and somewhat lazy(note your friends not going to school) Yes they received about the same grades, but in the real world you don’t get payed to be smart, you get paid to bust your ass.

that said I smoke as well, I try as much as I can to keep it in moderation though.(hasn’t been working lately, streessssffulll)

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It did, at times, make me too lazy or out of sorts to spend much needed time with my family. And it got me kicked out of school.
I don’t really like it that much. It’s alright but I just don’t have the time to be that scatterbrained. Which is also why I don’t drink. I’d say overall it was a good learning experience but I can’t say that it ‘made me a better person.’ I can’t say that it made anybody I know a better person. Though I’m not discriminating or saying that it’s an evil drug. I can admit that it is definitely one of the lesser evils.

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I started smoking pot too young. I was 14, and still developing. I often wonder if it stunted my memory, or ability to learn. But, then again, I was also on medications such as antidepressants which probably did more damage than good.

As I got older, I’ve been able to be more responsible with it. Realize that it can be used in moderation, and can be used recreationally safely. So other than having some anxiety after I smoke sometimes, which is just how my body reacts, I have nothing negative to say about it.

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@casheroo I started at 13 and I never really thought of it until now…The high would last for days at a time with me…Could that possibly have anything to do with my age or just my tolerance? It would last way longer than any of my friends highs (who were all about the same age) and would come back in spells (at the most inconvenient times). This ever happen to you?

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I love it! Where as the meds that are prescribed for me make me sleepy n lazy, a bowl here n there does the trick!

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Marijuana is a chemical, well the THC is a chemical. Too much of anything will affect your body and mind. I smoked a lot of pot in my teens, twenties and thirties. It affected my mental and physical health in several ways, and given a chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t touch the shit.

Used in moderation, I don’t see a problem with it, but like anything else, too much pot will cause detrimental things to your mental and physical health. Anyone that says pot is harmless, is fooling themselves. I finally gave it up and refuse to touch the stuff. It’s not heroin, but then, it’s not Juicy Fruit, either.

Why do you think they call it dope, anyway?

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can’t say i’ve had a bad experience with it either.
helps for hackathon type sessions.

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One of my college dormmates and lab partner did it a lot. I had to work twice as hard because that worthless SOB didn’t. He flunked out one month before the end of freshman year.
And I saved my cash for food and a car.

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The people I know who have smoked pot since their teens have not really developed into fully functioning, happy adults. It might be that they were depressed, and this has not been caused by the pot. But it certainly hasn’t helped them face their problems and deal with them. Lots of sitting, feeling frustrated about their lives, not getting the things they want accomplished. I always advocate (as I have multiple times on this site) to try and face the problems you have directly, feel the pain, figure out what’s making you miserable rather than just masking your unhappiness.

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lazy, forgetful.

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Wow, this is so interesting to read since I live in probably the world’s most protective country where it’s okay to drink alcohol till you die, but not smoke pot.

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Paranoid was the worst effect. I got munchies and lost sense of time too, but I don’t see that as a negative.

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Marijuana has had a negative affect on me. When I was in college I smoked it all the time my entire first year. And know what? I ended up failing most my classes. Not only that but once I quit it was quite noticeable that my brain was working to “catch up”. I had less concentration, less access to my memory, etc… I had to go through an entire process to get myself off of the status of being “kicked-out” of the University so that I could keep attending classes. Once I completed this process and was allowed to continue taking classes I stopped smoking pot. And guess what? I got A’s and B’s. Yippee. So this absolutely did have a negative impact on my life. I won’t say it wasn’t nice at the time I was smoking or that I don’t recognize the positives of it But I can recognize that it was more harmful than beneficial.

Marijuana absolutely does have negative affects on the human body whether pot users want to acknowledge it or not. As is the case for most drugs (legal and illegal) the users often have a difficult time acknowledging the negative affects as they are so impressed by the positive ones. Now please don’t get upset because that does not mean I am anti-pot. What I do believe that the pro-legalization argument would get much farther if we would acknowledge both the pros and cons of the drug as a matter of fact instead of as a matter of opinion.

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I avoid it on purpose because I don’t like the feeling out being “out of time”, I don’t like the smell or taste, I don’t like how instantly irritated it makes me before putting me into food frenzy and then right to sleep. For me, it would be a complete waste of money and a recipe for body marbling. Blech.

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@jazzjeppe The question was about marijuana. Alcohol took out quite few guys too. But they weren’t my lab partners. “DG” and his habit affected me.

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I first smoked pot at 14, but my use was scattered and infrequent. I have never stopped smoking pot. After high school I smoked a couple times a week. In college I think I smoked pretty much everyday, if not multiple times a day. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA and went on to get my Master’s. Now, I smoke it maybe 3 or 4 times a month. I can’t think of any lasting, long term effects it had on me.

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I can’t say that it really has. I’ve been smoking since I was 14, I graduated high school with great grades, I got into a great college, I’ve been doing very well and getting great grades. I have a job, I am active in a variety of activities, I have never had legal trouble. I smoke rather regularly, and while I realize that smoking anything can be detrimental to your lungs, I have yet to experience anything else that I would consider detrimental. My memory functions the same, I’m not lazy or anything along those lines. I’m with you.

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Interesting, because I knew some people who smoked pot all the time and skipped classes for it and their grades went down because of it. But their grades were low to begin with. :P

I have two friends I know who both smoke sometimes (not all the time) and grades weren’t a problem for them and they’re both going to great colleges. The way I saw it negatively affect someone was this one guy I knew: he smoked too much, he lied about smoking to his girlfriend, he got kicked out of his house for having pot in his room, and he was doing all kinds of illegal things to get it. Of course, after his girlfriend and him had an “intervention”, he does not smoke as much, but they both smoke together sometimes…lol. It really depends on the person if it’s going to negatively affect their life. However, all of those things were related to the stuff surrounding the drug, not the drug’s health effects. I think you have to wait and see how it’ll negatively affect you health-wise later in life if it does at all. As with any form of smoking, it is bad for your lungs and there really isn’t any denying that.

Personally, I don’t smoke pot and I never have. I drink, though, I love booze, but that’s a whole nother story. ;P

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I think there’s certain cases where some who smokes pot and has poor grades or what have you, just because they’re not great students. I think sometimes people look at their performance and know they smoke pot so they think that’s the reason. Other times, perhaps it does. You can’t really tell, because there are just as many stories of smokers in which no ill effects besought them. Every one’s different, I guess the only think one can really do is try it, but be smart enough to realize exactly what effect it has on you.

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 : “Besought” is a great word but not what you mean it to mean, if you know what I mean. They showed no ill effects.

I beseech you to check the Thesaurus.

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it’s midnight and I’m tired. All apologies. “befell them”

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 : Another lovely word.

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One time I got stoned enough not to notice a snake crawl up my leg and into my pants. That was a negative.

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Well back in my hay day and particularly my freshmen year of college I smoked pot all the time and hung out with other potheads. That in particular wasn’t bad but the issue was that most of my friends that smoked pot also did coke, shrooms, acid, and partied non-stop. My freshmen year of college (I might add was very fun and carefree) but was spent getting loaded and partying. I earned a 2.0 GPA my first year of college. Once my parents threatened to stop helping me through college I cleaned my act up, stopped smoking pot and hanging out with friends who did drugs (at least tried to for the most part) and I ended up pulling my gpa up to a 3.5 by the time I graduated. Additionally, putting smoke into your body will always increase your risk of lung cancer.

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@DominicX The smoke from a joint or bong is being studied in europe and so far has been found to shrink the size of lung cancer tumours and there are also studies proving it to shrink brain and prostrate tumours.

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as with any intoxicant, excess usage is going to have harmful effects. the same happens with alcohol, caffeine, and anything else medically designated as a drug. thus anyone who abuses it (i’d say using more than one a week) regularly is clearly going to have negative side effects (lazyness, distraction, etc. etc.)

however, moderate use of marijuana (3 times a month or less) i think has minimal mental recourse on an individual. of course (as far as i know) smoke in your lungs is bad and not what your body was designed for so there’s no argument against that—not a founded one anyway.

to me this seems like common sense. thus, i hate to say it but when i hear sob stories about people dropping out of school because of pot, losing jobs etc, im not all that shaken.

its not the drug alone that did the damage to a person’s life; it was also their decision to abuse it.

I smoke and enjoy marijuana a lot. its probably the only form of drug i’d advocate (over alcohol -even caffeine). however, i know that it makes my head a little fuzzy, a little lazy, and prone to eat big mouth burgers with tons of bacon cheese jalapeños etc. Thus, i never use it when i know that i’ve serious course work within the next couple of weeks, if i need to be on task at work, am concerned about my weight presently, or anything like that.

to sum up, if there’s one thing i dislike than the laws against drugs its people who dont respect sensible use of them.

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It costs too much and employers screen for it.

Yeah, America is a GD police state. I suppose the Nazis taught us well after WWII.

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it depends on the situation and the person. each person is affected by different things in different ways.
anything is bad if you indulge in it too often.
also, you’ve certainly got the problem of the health of your lungs.
some people do get less motivated; some people will use weed as a ‘gateway to other drugs’.
however, these are all things that could be the result of other factors. eating too much cake can lead you to ice cream, candy, and caramel. the internet could will keep you sitting on that chair a helluva lot longer than smoking that bowl will.

i must say that i really have to second @cwilbur‘s first response.
i knew a lovely boy whose only downside was that, after he started smoking, all he did was talk about smoking. i would start a conversation with him about something completely irrelevant to weed, and somehow he’d force the conversation into a total 360 back to weed. (perhaps this could be considered a talent, because i can’t even figure out how he managed to change subjects!)

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@tiffyandthewall that’s not a talent specific to pot. plenty of people do it about a wide range of subjects, their work, their kids, their religion, pot is what interests them so they talk about it, some people are just like that.

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Yes, my loved ones getting in trouble with the law and fines and jail and all that stupid stuff, I truly believe it is a good thing to smoke it and need it for medical also.

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there are few negatives about bud if you ask me. if i didnt smoke it as much, i probably would weigh 15 pounds less. i eat so much but its so good, lol.

i love that plant.

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lol as good as a super greasy pizza is, I try to make sure I eat something healthy, peaches and pears are tasty as a snack, but I know what you mean, sometimes that entire box of Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs is just calling my name…

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 YES. peaches are key!

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