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Can someone help me with my new blog?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) June 26th, 2009

I just started a blog called Internet Vitamins on tumblr and im having some trouble. I can’t quite replace the header with an image. I’m not quite good with HTML so im not exactly sure how to do it. I tried following this guys instructions that helped me in the past but no luck. The layout code is a bit too long so i can PM you if you’re interested in helping me or post in the comments as a reply. Any help is extremely appreciated. Thank you

By the way, the theme’s name is Ultralite

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go into the CSS of the site, find ’.header { }’ and add

‘background:url(“link to image”) no-repeat;

then, in the HTML of hte page remove the <h1>INTERNET VITAMINS</h1> and hte <h2>All the tastiest….</h2> too if you will add that to the image.

im not too familiar with Tumblr, you may have put the image on Photobucket or something if you cant upload to your blog directly.

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You should use this form to add any media you want to use in your themes:

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Thanks both of you, but I can’t seem to be able to do it.
Here’s the code If anyone can do it for me. I would be very grateful. Thanks to richardhenry, I was able to make it a link :D

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See this Fluther post for some related answers: Background Images In HTML?

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I will do it if you have the URL of the image.

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@johnpowell Thanks allot! Here’s the title png made in Photoshop and here’s what i’m aiming for. Thanks for your help!

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Don’t remove the level 1 and 2 headers from the markup. Hide them using

.header h1, .header h2 {
display: none;

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that nice of folks to fix it for you.. I will have to remember to ask here next time I’m stuck on a website function

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