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How do I organize for emoloyee rights at my work?

Asked by ryank (15points) December 7th, 2006
I work as an intern at a charter school and I'm considering organizing with the other interns to get better treatment. Where can I get advice in the San Francisco Bay Area? Are sick-outs legal? How many hours can an emloyer legally ask you to work if you're full-time? Do we run the risk of being fired? If you have advice or resources / organization you could send me it would be well appreciated. I don't want to lose my hob, but something needs to change.
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there are a bunch of ways to attack this... you have to think it through before you do--
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i don't know what the terms of your employment are... or how competitive your internship position is... if there's huge demand, can they drop you and have lots of skilled options?
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if the problems are specific to one or two individuals (teachers or administrators) you can talk to others that have similar problems and see what has been done in the past...
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if there's widespread disapproval of someone in particular, see who else is on your side and if they've got more power than you..
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i'd need more information about this whole situation to give you better advice.. you can email me if you'd like:
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Hi, I'm in Oakland. Contact me by email at and I can give you my cell to answer your questions.

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