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Is SIM unlocking the same as jailbreaking?

Asked by petercostello (25points) June 26th, 2009

I have a UK iPhone but have moved to australia. Even though I am going to pay out my contract in the UK, O2 will not unlock the phone for use in Australia. I want to unlock it for Australian networks but still want to be able to upgrade the firmware and use the app store without having to continue hacking the phone. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Jailbreaking is replacing the iPhone’s OS with a tweaked version of the OS that enables the phone to do things like keep the background wallpaper on all the time or use apps that are unauthorized by Apple.

Unlocking is changing the carrier code of the the iPhone in such a way as to allow the phone to be used by a carrier of the phone owner’s choice.

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My understanding is that you must jailbreak it first in order to unlock it. Then you can restore the original firmware so it’s no longer jailbroken, just unlocked. See redsn0w.

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In my knowledge jailbreak means is the process by which an iPhone firmware is modified to allow unsigned code to be run to gain access to files that Apple wouldn’t normally let you access. Jailbreaking adds unofficial application installers to your iPhone such as Cydia or Icy (I personally only use Cydia), which let you download many 3rd-party applications previously unavailable through the App Store.

Unlocking is the removal of SIM restrictions on the modem, allowing the use of the iPhone on any carrier. There are 2 types of iPhone unlocks:

software unlock: the iPhone is unlocked by a software
hardware unlock: modification have to be made to the actual hardware to unlock the phone

Software unlocks are safer because they do not modify your device and can easily be reverted back.

I think you need to unlock your i phone o2 with uk into any other country that i would like to suggest you just try to reach here and get unlock at more easily…

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