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Do you have a Will?

Asked by bythebay (8189points) June 26th, 2009

All the discussion over MJ and his assets, debts, and children, made me wonder. Do you have a Will? Is it up to date? Have you made provisions for your dependents care and financial needs? If you don’t have one, have you considered how that could affect those left behind?

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Mine would be “first come, first serve”

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I have one. As soon as you own a house or have children you shouldn’t think twice. I reckon MJ probably has a very lengthy one written by some serious legal pro’s.

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nope. under german law, the inheritance would be evenly split among the closest relatives, if not otherwise specified.
also i have nothing of value

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We sure do. Have had them for years. Living wills, also, & our dr. has copies. The two girls have copies of everything, too. We have our plots bought & the double headstone has been there for almost 9 years.

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Sure do, I can do anything.

Oh, a Will? Yeah, I have that too.

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No, but we should.

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Nope, but like @ragingloli, I have nothing of value.

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No, my brothers can fight over my stuff. Nothing of value here either.

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Yes, for years. My mother has a Will, her cemetery plot, and a pre-paid plan at the local funeral parlor. it will save us some decisions but shows her need to control even in the great beyond.

I am going to tweak my Will a little this winter after ten years.

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@gailcalled Do you need my address and social security number?

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No. I have no real assets or nor do I have dependents.

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Yes, we have extensive investments, insurance, and assets, and we have a formal will, which has been updated over the years. I have an heirloom ring that needs to stay in the family. In order to keep it away from our unworthy Daughter In Law, Hubby has an entire page dedicated to who on his Mother’s side will be next in line to get it.

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No. I have so few possessions anymore, a page would do as to who is welcome to them. My ex husband would know who best to give things to- I should type that thing out. Thx.

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I made a rough one in 2001, but I don’t even know where it is, or whether it’s legal. It was just a note with instructions to my then girlfriend of what to do if I died.

I have been planning to get a will for quite a while now (since there was an attempt against my life). Never got round to actually doing it.

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No. But I’m young, and independent. I also have nothing of real value.

If any of that changes, a-will-making I will go.

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I used to have a Will. Then he moved away. Now I have a Robert.

Yes, I have a will. I’ve had one since I was 18. Right now it says that everything goes to my mother which seems pretty obvious. If When (=[) she passes away, it will be revised, but the lawyer calls every now and then to ask if there are any changes we want made.

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To those of you who THINK you have no assets, you do. Everyone has something. Don’t let the state step in & take it. Get thyselves to a lawyer.

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Just free will, baby.

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@chyna: I’ll advise you in a few months. Right now Milo will probably get all my mother’s oil paintings and 20 acres of mice. But that may change.

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@gailcalled That Milo, such a mice hog.

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Well, if Molly wants a few acres, let me know. (And if you would like 50 or 60 of my mother’s paintings before I die, you have only to pay for S and H.)

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@gailcalled Molly would love more room to run. Are these pictures your mother painted herself? If so, do you have pictures of the paintings? I would love to see them.

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@chyna; Yes; ma’s the artist. I’ll see whether I have a snap of one of her paintings.

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@gailcalled If so, pm me with it. Your family is amazing.

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Done. ======>

As I keep telling Ben, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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No but you’d think I did because I have a way.

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Yup, I have a will that splits things up, creates trusts, appoints guardians, and shoehorns in with my parents’ wills. It also includes the various end-of-life directives so people know when to pull the plug and what to do with me afterward. My husband’s will is similar.

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No way!

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Not a legit one, but I have one written out on a piece of notebook paper somewhere.

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Without a viable will, the state automatically assigns your assets to your next of kin. You may not like your next of kin. To make sure your own wishes are carried out, you make a will that overrides the state’s assignment structure. Your will doesn’t have to be notarized, just signed and available, i.e. somewhere more obvious than inside a hidden notebook.
And yes, you have more stuff than you think.

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I’ll just leave my inheritance to the poor.

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Yes. I make sure it stays updated, as well. There is no way I’d leave my loved ones without those details being taken care of, it’s such a difficult time, don’t burden them!

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@cyndihugs: Without a will, even a holographic one, your diamond tiara will go not to the poor but to your loathsome, wicked and undeserving step-sister.

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@gailcalled My step-mother too?

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@cyndihugs: She would be ahead in line, I believe. So write that Will.

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I WILL now!

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Yes. Yes. Yes. NA.

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