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If people don't intend the pun, why don't they just remove/alter it instead of typing "(no pun intended)" after it?

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) June 26th, 2009
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Because they actually did intend it

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because they want you to know they weren’t purposely trying to make a witty joke, but it just came out like that. i’ve done it plenty of times, and i think it’s a lot funnier when the pun just happened and wasn’t set up.

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yeah ‘cause what’s the pun (fun) in that?

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@tiffyandthewall – You answered it better than me :P

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I know lots of people I know use it to draw attention to their joke, which they may find incredibly funny. They don’t seem to realize sometimes their jokes just aren’t that funny.

But I’m probably overanalyzing.

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“No pun intended” means “hey stupid—appreciate my clever pun.”

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Better yet, remove the pun, and leave the (no pun intended).

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