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When the word "High School" comes up, what do people in general think about it?

Asked by Tink (8673points) June 26th, 2009 from iPhone

I think it’s filled with assholes, stupid teachers, and ocassionally friends

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High School Musical…

General mix of sex, hormones, homework, and a little bit of learning.

That place I’ll be going back to at the end of summer.

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@dverhey goose bumps on High School Musical, ugh

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That’s two words.

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Over, finished, done, gone forever.

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how I still have 2 more years of it

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Awkward firsts

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I wonder if the stupid teachers can spell . . .

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How I just graduated from it yesterday.

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I was gonna say that but your names too long :)
Congrats dude

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@applesaucemanny @Tink1113, thanks! petethepothead just graduated too (on Wednesday)!

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@petethepothead Congrats to you too mate!

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Fear and loathing. Blech.

@omfgTALIjustIMDu @petethepothead Congrats, grads!

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Congrats Pete!

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Especially of you have summer school

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Drama, drama, oh and like, drama.

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It has been 37 years since I graduated High School. I suspect things have changed quite a bit since then,. So, I’ll shut up and let you kids talk about it…

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@whatthefluther -Share your experiences : )

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I liked high school in general. I had fun; I really did. Sure, there were parts I didn’t like, but in general, I would describe my high school experience as having been positive. But I’m done with it now. Going to college this fall. :)

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@DominicX Congrats you too!
Aren’t you going to Stanford or something like that

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@Tink1113, I’ll share. I graduated in 1975 from a high school that had 27 National Merit qualifiers/finalists; I was not among them. I was a mediocre student, but still managed to CLEP out of 24 credit hours of college work. The school would flunk you for not doing the work, so you did it; there was a senior in my German class who was 20 years old.

People would smoke in the bathrooms between class; the teachers were okay with this. Often 50 girls would be crammed into the bathroom, smoking. Eventually enough parents complained and a senior class gift to the school was paying to have a smoking shed built adjacent to the school.

There were few costs associated with prom; we paid class dues all four years, and that paid for prom and prom related activities. Everyone went to the prom because the teachers ran a dating service and made everyone go. No one rented limos or a hotel room. Usually people had dinner parties or breakfasts afterwards.

All of the homecoming floats my senior year were made out of Budweiser beer cans, and at graduation, we marched out to the Budweiser theme song. Keg parties out in a field were pretty common.

By the time we had our 10 year reunion, 31 people in our class died. Most were drug-related deaths. The summer after graduation, one girl died in childbirth, a girl was hit by a car while riding her bike, and one guy was electrocuted while cleaning out a swimming pool.

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Yep. Going to Stanford. :)

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@PandoraBoxx -That sounded fun! :)

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@DominicX -Ooo fancy :)

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@Tink1113, In a weird way, it was fun. You could do a lot of stupid stuff without getting into real trouble. Now you end up arrested for half the stuff.

Jayne’s headed for Cornell, I do believe.

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@PandoraBoxx -Oh yeah that part sucks; going to the slammer tsk tsk tsk
Whos Jayne?

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Oh hehe thanks
Congrats to Jayne!!

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Crap..not school, again! Can I just sleep in?

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“High school is such a serious thing…these problems matter.”

This video is hilarious…lol

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@DominicX high school=such a serious thing…

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That whole episode has a good satire of high school…I wish I could find more clips:

Stewie: My name is Zach Sawyer. I just transferred here from rich expensive car driving sex having high school.
Girl: Whoa, that sounds awesome.
Stewie: No, it’s lame, everything’s lame.
Connie: Wow, if he says one more cool thing, he’s in.
Stewie: I wear long sleeve shirts under short sleeve shirts under long sleeve shirts.

Basically, I just think high school is really overblown and over-dramatized.

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@DominicX I lurve stewie….he’s my favorite character from family guy and then Brian :)

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I really like Stewie too. I know he’s everyone’s favorite character, but there’s a reason for that; he’s awesome… :P

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@DominicX did you notice he went from being evil to being gay?

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Yeah, I know. I have no problem with that. Not just because I’m gay; I think he’s funnier this way.

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@DominicX yeah he is, I have no problem with it either

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unfortunately, the first thing i think of is this exact picture.
then, staying up until 4am because i’m doing homework with some fluther breaks on fluther, with occasional breaks to do homework.
close runner-ups: dumping my bookbag upside down on my floor and 30 notes from friends falling out (all in an arrow shape), having to wear that goddamn ID every day, having to figure out which classes i can catch up on sleep in, having problems with my printer every single time i need to print out something important, turnitin, and having like 9 text books (and only using one or 2).

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One of my friends made this a topic today on FB. How interesting that it also came up here. I posted there that if the current admins knew I was connected to some of that stuff from 1989, they might still press charges. That was a different age, though, and I tell my son all the time that he will NEVER get away with the stuff my friends and I did.

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