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Dont you hate when you ask a question and then it's moderated because "it's a poll" and then later you see some questions that looks like a poll as well and no one moderates those questions?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 26th, 2009 from iPhone

I am, sometimes I see questions that I think it should be moderated and they don’t, but then I post a question and gets moderated becase it’s a poll, sometimes I think moderators are not fair.

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[mod says] From our guidelines:

Why was my question removed when these other, similar ones weren’t?

Sometimes the moderation team misses a question. Sometimes a question that doesn’t look like it will breed thoughtful discussion does, and it stays. We’re also a little more lenient with new users as they get acclimated to the culture.

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Also, be sure to flag questions/answers that you feel don’t meet the guidelines. Thanks!

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The mods are fair and do a lot to make Fluther an exceptional site.

I have seen some questions stay when the responses are plentiful and interesting even if the original question is dubious and I think it is great that an intelligent conversation is preserved.

Another factor can be member flagging that draws the attention (and action) of the mods.

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I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had a question modded. Not that some of mine shouldn’t have been (especially some of my first questions) but I try to ask things that I need help with these days.

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I saw one question disappear where it had many comments and interesting answers. But since it was worded as a poll, it was removed. Many of the answers were paragraph long and talking about psychology and what not. That move I had to strongly disagree with.

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And remember that there is a bunch of people that mod the questions. They are all going to interpret the rules differently.

And people have the option to clean up the question and resubmit it. And you can always ask for help on how to make it acceptable.

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this one didn’t make it…......

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i asked a question once that was like four lines long and it got modded for editing, and on another occasion i saw a four line question. i flagged it and i was like wtf? they said “woops, we missed it.” then they modded it. i was quite annoyed when i first found that four line question, because i was feeling like the modding was not consistent.

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@mammal: well I can see why the first didn’t make it but the 2nd one seems fine. Guess it depends on who’s posting, who’s flagging and who’s moderating at a given time.

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Life isn’t fair, little buddy.

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Nope…it just happens, sometimes.

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