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How do you feel about ads that monitor you?

Asked by phoenyx (7380points) June 26th, 2009

What about online advertisements that use cookies to track which ads you’ve seen and where you’ve been online? What about outdoor ads with cameras that monitor which people notice the ads? What about this ad?

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woah, that ad really has significance

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That is a very powerful ad and very cleverly done. As for cookies, although I really don’t have much to hide, I prefer not to share my viewing habits with admen or anyone else, for that matter.

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@whatthefluther what ever happened to the “wtf” thing you do at the end?

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Well that ad is pretty clever.
As for ads that use tracking cookies I’m not overly bothered about but I do delete the cookies on a regular basis.

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I delete cookies, caches on my iPod

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@applesaucemanny…Hi kid. A relatively new jelly was not aware that those were my initials and took it as an expletive ending to a response I had written to a comment they wrote. We cleared that all up, but I guess I’m a little gun shy of having the incident repeat. I may yet throw caution to the wind, and restart the practice…wtf that felt pretty good

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@whatthefluther hmm I thought of the same thing when you first did that but then I looked at your name and I thought oh okay well that’s pretty cool

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That’s an awesome concept.

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Great ad! Now cookies? I destroy them.

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I don’t look at online ads or most links people attach because I’m not computer savvy enough to fix any bugaboos so I guess it doesn’t apply to me.

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