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If the iPhone is that good, why are there so many questions about it?

Asked by pezz (1291points) June 26th, 2009

It doesn’t matter what forum you go on, there’s always someone barking on about the iPhone. Is it simply that there too much to them for most people?

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if something was made completely perfect then they wouldn’t make money because they make a lot of money fixing things like cars, if they had a perfect car then no one would really need a new one

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There are features I was spoiled with on other previous phones that are noticeably missing on the iPhone (such as voice commands). I still wouldn’t trade my iPhone for any other make or model.

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Because people wonder about things they don’t know, just like you did about this question…

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They have sold 40 million of them. (iPod touch) included. People are going to have problems.

Nobody talks about when things work properly. I have had my iPod Touch for two years and all is well.

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I think people try to do a lot of complicated things with them that the “average user” doesn’t care about. You know, the average user being me. I’ve had no problems with my iPhone (new one and previous one) and I’ve never found reason to ask questions about it on a forum.

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@Tink1113 exactly

Even if the iphone was perfect people would still be asking questions like How do they make the iphone so perfect? and If the iphone is made so perfectly why isn’t everything else?

People are curious. People like to know how things work. The most curious people are the sort of people who buy things like iphones in the first place.

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@Lightlyseared yes! someone who understands! people need to stop asking questions like those

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@Lightlyseared – I feel all smart now =) thanks

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By this logic, love, sex, and health must also not be worth much. There sure are a lot of questions about those too.

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