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Why do people that choreograph dance so thrashy? Examples inside...

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) June 27th, 2009

I see this all the time and personally I think it looks ridiculous, I mean I think its taking the whole tempo(?)/beat of the song up a notch of over dancing to the music. I personally think it looks terrible especially when guys are doing this and it seems to be a new craze amongst alot of young choreographers. I don’t know much about dance or choreography but I do know that I don’t think this looks good, can any share maybe some incite on this?

Maybe I am in the dark on this one, I mean I kind of get it, and it’s interesting to watch but I feel like most of the songs should be faster for this type of dancing and more electric. Not pop songs…

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I don’t know, I guess they think they have a shot at making it on the big stage

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I don’t think it looks ridiculous, but that is a matter of opinion. You do have to consider the music in which you are pertaining to though. 3 Britney songs, two being the same studio/choreographer, and about… well I cannot spell it on here because of censorship, but it is a dance based around people supposedly wanted to ‘get’ with her. I mean I think you should take a look into HiHat and watch some of the things she has choreographed. I think she is very talented and many of the songs/artists involved were number one at some point or another. The problem isn’t always the choreography or the dancers, sometimes its because thats how ‘ridiculous’ the artist wants the dance to be.

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@siilver- there is no censorship. Say what you want.

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I don’t know much, but I was recently surprised that our choreographer (I just wrote the music for a theatrical play) cannot count.

There’s a song with 4 verses of 4 lines each (so total 16 verses) and they have to stand up at the 9th line.

What she told them to do was to move,move,move, wait (first verse) then move,move,move wait (second verse) then move move stand (3rd line of the 3rd verse). But when they were getting it wrong she described it as “you do 4 plus 4 then stand” when it’s actually 3+3+2 and stand. Or rather 3+0+3+0+2 to count it better.

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I like it.. I think it started with the boy band and teen pop princess dance style in the mid-late 90s. It looks way cool to me. I think it just fits this song particularly, not all pop songs. But I see what you mean, about it being ‘thrashy.’ Lady Gaga does that sort of thing in hyper-mode.

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