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Why do PS3 and xbox make so many games that are so similar?

Asked by hjfffdfhfk (3points) June 27th, 2009

I went down to my local game store only to notice that all the games are similar.
I remember ps1 and they had a huge choice in games, now they all seem to be aimed at hardcore gamers nothing for the mid range gamer, why so?

If you could suggest any that are not for hardcore gamers please do so.

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Games aren’t made by Sony or Microsoft, they are often made by EA or Firaxis or 2K, to name a few. These companies want to maximize profit so they make the game multi-platform. For PC, Mac, XBox, PS2/3. However Microsoft Games to make games just for Microsoft but this is just a small section of the games market and does not overly impact in the larger scheme of things.

What do you mean by hardcore gamers? Violence? Graphic Quality? Things have changed quite a bit since PS1, most people are after fighting, war games but there are things out there. Spyro (That was on PS1) or just buy a Wii if you want mario or games similar to that, Wii sports etc.

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Could you suggest some good games then?

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some good games for someone who likes…? who owns a…?

it’s like walking into blockbusters and saying “i want to rent a good movie” without even specifying a genre…

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“Good” is subjective (durf), so why don’t you give us some of the games you enjoy?

As @joeysefika has said, game publishers tend to make certain games multiplatform so that their product can reach as large an audience as possible. Sony (developer of the Playstation 3), Microsoft (Xbox 360) and Nintendo (Wii) have internal development teams that create what is known as first-party games. These titles are exclusive to their respective platforms and do not appear on other consoles. For example, you’d never see a Mario game on the Xbox 360. Similarly, you’d never see Halo on the Playstation 3.

The reality of the situation is this: game developers generally operate under a larger publisher. Before a project begins, the publisher determines which console(s) the game will appear on. The developer creates the game, and the publisher handles advertising, localizing (if the development is done in another country, generally Japan), printing of the actual disk, PR and such. That’s how a project goes.

It’s important to note that the three consoles have vastly different consumers. The Wii is generally “casual”-focused; the main draw is its ease of use, consumer friendly games and “understandable” control scheme. The motion controls translate well for those not accustomed to difficult controllers; you can pick up a game and automatically understand that swinging the controller like a bat will swing the bat in-game. With the dawning of the Wii Fit and Balance Board, Nintendo has opened the door for a whole slew of new people to join in on the fun.

The Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 are similar in terms of focus. The titles that appear on these consoles share many similarities in terms of scope, graphical prowess and aim. Strongly agreed by the gaming community to be the “Hardcore” platforms, the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 are systems that cater to those that want a true gaming experience without the fluff of the Wii. Though I respect Nintendo for doing what they are doing, it’s quite hard sometimes to find a title that offers everything I want (as a gamer of 15 years and staff writer of a gaming blog). It is here they you will find complex gaming experiences, deep storytelling and jaw-dropping visuals. For those not used to gaming in general, the move from being a non-gamer to a gamer can be quite daunting, and many find the Wii more gentle in that regards.

Digressing a bit, publishers understand that the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 share a common audience, and tend to make high-profile games (ones with a high budget) multiplatform to increase return and maximize profit. However, there are a VAST number of titles for each platform that are “Console Exclusive”, meaning they only appear on one console and not the other. These help distinguish each console from one another… what would be the point of two different consoles on the market if they had the EXACT same line-up of games? There has to be a distinguishing factor between the two, and the exclusive titles do that.

So, back to suggesting games for you that are not hardcore.

If you own a Playstation 3, I highly suggest you take a look at the Playstation Network, a built-in digital distribution service. There are a huge number of small (and inexpensive!) titles available for consumption there that offer solid experiences yet are intuitive enough to welcome in a newcomer to the gaming community. Puzzle games, small action titles, everything is well represented… just make sure you refer to a review website. Like all forms of media, some titles are of lesser quality that other (I suggest using If at all anything, please check out Flower.

The Xbox 360 has a similar service built into it, called Xbox LIVE. Check that out as well. Again, just use a bit of research, else you end up with buyer’s remorse! You don’t want your gaming experience, something that should be enjoyable and a worthy diversion, to be tarnished by a crappy title.

For specific titles, just let us know what you life. Are you a fan of the Super Mario games? Do you like games like Tetris? Help us help you.

Take care. :]

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To ease the pain of owning an xbox. [tongue-in-cheek]

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Because the people who made the games want a huge return .
What type of games are you into , what system do you own.
PS3 has loads of games aimed at the beginner gamer ( every game ), its called level hardness(Easy)

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LittleBigPlanet is AWESOME for a casual gamer [&family!] And I like the ratchet and clank series~

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@sanari M$ would charge extra for the ”[tongue-in-cheek]” tho don’t they ?

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List some games that you enjoy, and I can come up with some similar titles, so long as you specify which console you own.

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Sadly, game companies gravitate to what sells, hence why you see so many “guitar” games and Gears of War 3rd person shooter clones.

Although, I do see a growing trend in some game companies to go against the grain and create something that’s engaging and new. Companies like Media Molecule (Little Big Planet), Lionhead Studios (Black and White, Fable), and 5th Cell Games (the upcoming Scribblenauts game for DS) are trying to break some new ground, be it in user created content sharing, to a world that’s directly influenced by your in-game actions, or leaving how to play a game completely in the hands of the player.

I’m hoping for good things in the years to come… but that’s not going to stop all the sequels and clones from coming out… because as long as we still buy them, they will still make them.

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