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How many different email addresses do you have? Why?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 27th, 2009
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2 – one for work and one for personal. Keeps me safe at work, definitely don’t want some of those dirty forwards getting on the work network.

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Three: my work one, my gmail and my old cable account which I’m about to lose since we’re switching to FIOS. I had forwarding turned on from my cable to my gmail account but my new work email does not take or accept forwarding.

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Many. They are for: work, home, personal, commercial junk mail, professional, banking, travel in foreign countries, and use on public pcs. Different names, different passwords. You never know what keylogger or trojan software is lurking on another public computer and you can be sure your email is copied when you are in certain countries. I don’t put all my eggs (and contacts) in one basket.

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Two main ones – one for personal email, one for work email. I can’t access the work account from anywhere outside the corporate intranet, and I’m not allowed to go to personal email while I’m at work (so I just have my personal account auto-forward to my work account).

I have three accounts with my former college/employer – one main one that is nothing but spam so I never check it, one from the department I worked for and graduated from, and one alumni account that I just have auto-forward to my main personal account.

I have one account with Yahoo from wayyyyy back in the day, that I haven’t checked in about 10 years, and use only because it’s linked to my Flickr account.

I also have an account I use for sites I expect to spam me when I sign up, and I check it once a month (also the account I use for posting on Usenet)

I have another account for things that I know are going to spam me, that I never check.

You can also email me via my phone number @ my wireless provider, and I’ll get it as a text message.

I also have an address on my Wii that you could use to send me messages I’d receive on the Wii.

So I think that’s a total of 10.

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Two… work, and home. I’m considering getting a 3rd so that whenever I have to give my email address to some business, I can give them that one so that all the spam they send goes there and I never have to deal with getting rid of it.

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Five main ones. One’s the one I’ve had for ages, used with family and friends; one’s my college account; one’s the ‘formal’ one I created for business, like applying for college and jobs; one’s my gmail account that I have just because; and one’s my account for stuff like subscriptions and such, where I get regular emails that I don’t want to see every day.

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@MrItty Holy cow! How do you keep them all straight? You, too, Lupin.

I have just personal addy here & the yahoo address. These are enough to do all I need/want to do.

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@jbfletcherfan My main gmail one I check constantly throughout the day, and it auto-forwards to work too. My work one I only check when I’m in the office, and only use it for work stuff. My college/employer one I don’t really use now that I was not rehired for next semester, but when I did, I just had Gmail check it for me along with my normal personal one.

The rest of them I don’t really think about or check on anything resembling a regular basis.

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@MrItty Huh? LOLLLLLLL… long as YOU can keep them straight, that’s what matters. :-)

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I have about 4…one is my college email, one is my personal Gmail, another is a “Blackberry” email given to me by T-Mobile ”” which I use for push notifications, and then I have a “junk” email that I never use but mostly spam goes there and if someone creepy wants my email, I give him that one.

The “junk” email is forwarded to my gmail, and I get all emails instantly on my Blackberry.

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I have at least three. A gmail, a yahoo, and my work email. I’ve had others over the years, but got rid of them when it became too much trouble to check them all. My yahoo is for 80% of the things I do, the gmail is for things I don’t need to deal with daily, and the work email is for work.

My work place has a strict policy on internet useage, so I use that email account only for work.

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I have one for work, one on AOL, hotmail, gmail, sbc, yahoo… I’ve lost track of many. I really only use work, and aol. The rest are abandoned.

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Two : 1 from hotmail and the other from my internet provider . Because i need them .

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more than 10. I am a notorious criminal on the run

I have at least 5 I never use which I made for various members of my family and just forward spam to me. 2 yahoos (1 spammed I never open and a clean one I use for work), a hotmail which is my main one and the one I check most often, and a google I made at some point that nobody knows about and I basically never use. So it’s usually 2 real emails I check.

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I have 2:
one for myself and once for my family.I need them to talk to my friends and because i like having them but i get too many emails which makes my parents mad :P

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I don’t even know for sure. I have some on gmail, yahoo, three on my main provider… the list goes on.

@MrItty, Didn’t know one could message on a Wii.

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Three: home, business, and spam. I used to also have a fourth one for work when I worked for someone else.

I also have several that I have never used. They come with my ISP and with my cable company and were assigned by them so using them isn’t the most natural thing.

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I have two, but only use my gmail. I just make sure I filter spam. It serves me well and saves time cause I hate checking multiple sites for email.

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I have 5. One for my nine to five job, one for my company on the side, one for personal use (family address), and then two additional accounts for online profiles (flickr, fluther, random forums, etc.).

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8. My first ever from 7th grade. My MSN chat email from 7th grade. My college one. My first gmail one, then my mature, adult gmail one. One only for LJ comments. One for blogging. And I’ll get one for school this year.

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I think I had somewhere from 6 to 8. Whenever an account got too much spam, I started a new one. But I have 2 on gmail, and I use them primarily now. I use one for shopping, and one for family and friends.

I never give the one for family and friends out unless I truly trust the person, so I don’t have to sort through a bunch of junk.

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2 – maybe 3, but if there is one still open that I just thought about, it hasn’t been used in about 4 years now. 2 that I can really think of, one for my company and one for the family.

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3, one for work, one for personal and one for mailing lists, amazon updates etc

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A bunch. Work. For friends and family—permanently. For friends and family, permanently and free. For dealing with businesses. For being daloon. For being other handles I have been. For keeping secrets, as then need to be kept. For being anonymous. Well, somewhat anonymous, If I were serious I’d use anonymous remailers, although, even those, these days, aren’t untraceable. When the US govt wants to get heavy, they can usually get remailers to give it up.

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@Lupin Good idea!
I use many to avail benefits from other sites.

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At least 10. Different purposes.

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1-personal emails
2-school (college) related emails
3-one for registering to certain sites that I dont trust with my regular email
4-another one like above but just got it because i wanted to try GMAIL

Thats it I believe..

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I have stupid email account name with Comcast and a whole bunch branching off of it in a way. It’s frustrating because now I’m essentially stuck with this main root email forever. Curse you interwebs!

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way too many.
one was made quite a few years ago. i made a new one for friends to contact me, so that the other one would be just newsletters and whatnot. i stopped checking the first one, but never got around to deleting it.
i’ve grown tired of the second one. i don’t really use email. i hate signing into
i made a yahoo one for something – i forgot what – which i ended up just using for school related stuff. i don’t check that either, but if i need to put an email address down for something, i use that, because no one would be able to find my myspace or anything using it. also, it’s amusing to write “bbyjesuswalkz” on school nonsense.
i am planning on getting rid of it though, and making a more serious one, since i’ll be going to college soon.

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