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What is a good name for a miniature colt?

Asked by juwhite1 (2971points) June 27th, 2009

We had a newborn yesterday, and are struggling to come up with a name. He’s fawn and white colored, and when a full grown stallion, will stand about 28” tall. Humor is fine in a name…

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Bitty as in itty bitty.

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Bob… as in Bob

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@Dr_C – I’ve actually met a horse named Bob. It really fit his personality!

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Shiroi! [sheeroy].

Japanese for white.

shirokami – white god

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mo… as in eeny meeny miny mo??

hangariki.. Moari for small Riki for short

teoteo – (teyato teyato) Maori to be small especially of birds and animal species

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Shorty, or any of the following (all of which refer to being small, tiny or little):

COLMAN Little Dove
COTY Small Slope
BENNETT Little Blessed One
BARRAN Little Top
DINO Little Sword
EGAN Little Fire
GAVIN Little Hawk
HAMPTON Little Town
HEWITT Little Smart One
LOGAN Small Cove
NEVAN Little Saint
RONAN Little Seal
RYAN Little King
TINO Small
WHITFIELD From the Small Field

BUNNY Little Rabbit
CHECHE Small Thing African
CHENEY Little Great One
KEENAN Little and Ancient
KEIRAN Little and Dark
KIERAN Little Dark One
MERRITT Small but Famous
MIKA Wise Little Raccoon Native American
REILLY A Small Stream
RILEY A Small Stream
ROBIN A Small, Tame Bird
RYLIE A Small Stream
TEENIE Small One
VASCHEL Little Ash Tree

I rather like Cheche.

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like it @buster short and simple!

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Mighty Mite

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I would definitely go the OPPOSITE direction of what most would say. Something like “Killer” or “Vicious” or “Tiger”, etc.

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@SirBailey thats a good idea too!

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@chyna I like Bitty. That’s my dog’s name. It started out “little bit” but we starte calling her bitty so much, that’s all she answers to now.

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There are some great suggestions in here! Thanks to all! After reading through these, my hubby wants to go with something masculine and large… along the lines of Thor or something. I kind of like the idea of Andre (the giant).

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Thor sounds good but loving the Andre (the giant) idea he was ace!!

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@juwhite1 , I think that would be great!!

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My husband wants to know what you think of Zeus. Is Zeus or Andre better?

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I vote for Zeus

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I like the humorous aspect of Andre. When you think of Zeus, you don’t automatically think of big, so much as powerful. Andre makes me think ‘giant’.

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I vote for Andre too. I think it would make people smile every time they said it.

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What about Colt?

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I vote for Evelyns_Pet_Pony.

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Lollipop, from The Lollipop Guild?

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Ummm, could go with “35” as in Colt 35 (too small to be a Colt 45) OR (just stop groaning because it will likely get worse) Derringer (same theme as above) OR you could go with Stud-Muffintop (I know, I know, I don’t get paid to do this you know), OR Marshmallow (white and small and smooshy). Wow, I am more tired than even I realized. Now I am on a roll . . .

I have always fancied Walter as a name for a mule, but I would loan it to you under the circumstances (my not having a mule and all). Now I do have a friend whose bull is named Winona (don’t ask). You could go kind of more fake Native American, like Dances with Mice or something.

And my best suggestion of the day is Yardly (he’s hardly a yard). My work here is done.

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Cough. Because he’s a little ‘horse.’ ;)

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@laureth That was so bad, it’s great!!!

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@laureth – a tribute to Top Secret perhaps?

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@Kayak8, @laureth, @loser – Great suggestions! Now I’m going to have a really tough time picking a name!

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Then there’s always “Michael”, in honor of Michael Jackson.

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@SirBailey – Is there a way I can actually take Lurve away from someone? ;-)

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When the colt starts doing the moonwalk, you’re gonna regret that decision!!!

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If the colt starts doing the moonwalk, I’m going to become a millionaire! Anyway, he has four white socks instead of just one white “glove.”

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Let’s get back to how great “Andre” is….

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My dad had a quarter horse named Pretty Boy Floyd, which I always thought was a good name.

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I had a cat named Kitty Boy Floyd, and I think that’s a better name.

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