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Do any of you love the Secret life of american teenager so far?

Asked by hannah15 (12points) June 27th, 2009

season 3 started June 22 and do you think season 3 is better than season 1,2.

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My wife is watching it, and wow does that show have drama and a lot of sex in it. Its pretty much a soap. Its entertaining, I do like how the mom is preganet, adds more drama. Funny cause the actress is preganet in real life. Cool how they worked it in.

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yeah its a cool movie

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I think the entire show is useless.

So I would say season three is no better than the other two. Then again, it’s just as bad.

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The only thing I’m loving about it is that Molly Ringwald is working again. I <3 Molly Ringwald. :)

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I love that show…Ben really needs to get laid.
@melover139 It’s not a movie….it’s a t.v. show/series

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Not a huge fan of the show. I still think it’s not a very realistic portrayal of teenage pregnancy. I want someone to show the true way things go. The girl gets dumped, all the money problems, the emotional issues, the family drama – on both sides. What about the true hospital experience, the pain, the emotions, there is so much that they are not showing.

If they are going to hook teens on a show about pregnancy, show the real thing.

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