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What is the point of the software that comes with cameras?

Asked by TheCreative (1210points) June 27th, 2009

They take a looong time to import and you can just use a card reader to drag and drop.`

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In a phrase – “added value”.

It’s another feature to put on the back of the box and charge you for that costs very little to actually include.

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Many CD’s that also contain the software will also come with drivers for the camera. I think it’s just kinda a “Well, we need to use some more space on this CD” type of thing.

And some people actually use the software that comes with it. I know my grandma does…

But mostly what lightlyseared said.

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Dunno. I used it once. Then erased it. I’m an adobe man myself. Lightroom 2 and Photoshop ftw.

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There was a question just like this not too long ago.

It’s generally for people who don’t really know what they’re doing. It’s a lot simpler to just press “upload” on a piece of software that automatically pops up than it is to find the appropriate folder and drag-n-drop. Also, a lot of those programs allow you to name your photos and perform light editing on them.

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When I got my first Nikon digital camera 4 years, I HAD to load the disc in order to get it to work with my programs in my computer. But the one I just bought a couple weeks ago, I didn’t. It just said “new devise found” & that was it. Maybe the new ones youdon’t have to have the disc loaded.

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With my Nikon DSLR I capture NX pro, which is a photo management suite, worth a couple of hundred dollars. But I ditched it and now just use Aperture. If i was to use ‘Drag and Drop’ i’d have hundreds of folders to organize, by using software it does it for me, handy when you have almost 30GB of photos

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I agree that there’s a lot of unnecessary software bundled with cameras, however the import/browser that comes with Sony cameras does import and file okay.

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If you have a somewhat higher-end camera that will store your pictures in RAW format there is usually a utility that will allow you to manipulate the RAW data to produce TIFF or JPG files.
– That’s if you chose RAW mode, you can usually chose to store the shots in regular jpg mode instead of RAW or also.

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