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What is your surefire way to help your cat get rid of hairballs?

Asked by manatee33 (17points) June 27th, 2009
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Shave your cat! (sorry, I couldn’t resist :P)

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That hairball remedy in a tube, works great with my cats. They like the taste of the stuff.

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One thing my family always used to do was put Vaseline on the back of the cat’s paws. They don’t like the feeling of it, so they lick it off, and the Vaseline helps dislodge the hairballs! As I recall, it works like a charm.

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A lot of work. Brush the cat quite often (even more in warm weather) and give him/her regular treatment- the tube kind like @whatthefluther mentioned is the only thing I’ve tried, but it works.

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Brush your cat frequently. No hair in the tummy, no hairballs. Of course, you can’t get it all, but it will greatly reduce it. Some foods purport to reduce or eliminate hair balls, but I have never tried any of them. If you want to share your space with a kitty you just have to accept that there will be hair balls, and various other types of vomit.

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I’ll probably regret writing this but Milo has never generated a hair ball. He produced a prodigious amount of frothy saliva last time he was in his carrier in the car, and he occasionally vomits up some food.

And he is very reluctant to have his tummy brushed. But I think that his habit of eating a small mouse regularly, bones, fur and all, scours out his system.

Our vet told my sister to let her Springer eat the bunny she had caught, for the same reason.

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Thanks, all !

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yes! the tube stuff works, and i once read putting a tsp of olive oil in their food.

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