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Tumblr Post Date as Permalink?

Asked by bonus (543points) June 27th, 2009

Can I set the date of each post as a permalink on my Tumblr site? I have been tinkering in here quite a bit trying to teach myself a bit of HTML + CSS. For this page the permalinks are still working. I have removed most of the others as I am trying to strip this down to its most minimal essence. Of course, this has created multiple problems…

But, what I could use help doing, is just creating a permalink from the post of each date and not clutter the design up with icons (as is the generic Tumblr template style).

I hope this makes sense.

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It would be something like this..

<a href=”{Permalink}”>{WhateverDateFormatYouAreUsing}</a>

Where {WhateverDateFormatYouAreUsing} is whatever is displaying the date now.

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Thanks @johnpowell I will play around with this.

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Looks like you got it.. Congrats.

Looks like a lot of whitespace between the timestamp and the content. Just saying.

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That worked @johnpowell. Thanks again. Yeah. There is a lot of white space. I have to figure that out, still.

Maybe that is placeholder space for the Notes? I am going to try to figure out how to fix those now (I want them on the same line as the date) and the actual notes are now in the left hand column (have to figure that one out too).

Fun, thanks.

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