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How can I find out which one of my Facebook friends defriended me?

Asked by Joe_Freeman (504points) June 27th, 2009

My friend count just dropped from 78 to 77. Is there some way I can ascertain who bailed out?

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Not directly. The only way would be to go through your entire friend list and figure out who is missing.

If it makes you feel better, just because the number dropped doesn’t necessarily mean someone de-friended you. If one of your friends canceled their facebook account, that would also cause the number to drop.

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does it really matter? I personally have friends on facebook I havent actually seen in years. I personally woldnt care.

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Go back to your list of loyalty oaths and cross reference?

I kid

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I’ve defriended people I actually like before just because they had so much really ridiculous content filling up my home-page, and I like to be able to easily get to the stuff I actually care about. It could be that someone is just trying to manage their own Facebook account down to just having the people they are close to on their accounts. At any rate, I wouldn’t be offended by it, whatever their reasons.

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@juwhite1 I do the same thing. I do that on Twitter also.

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Oh, goodness, Joe, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t mean anything at all.

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I only have three and I have a year using facebook…It really doesn’t matter how many friends you have because they might all be fakers…

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@juwhite1 You know you can filter our people whos content you don’t want to read…you just remove it, then it prompts you to select if you want it to always stayed removed. Then you just check their page for activity.

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Yeah… but I never bother to check their pages unless they are family or very close friends… just check out what’s on my news feed.

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Ummm @juwhite1 that kinda supports her points. If you’re going to remove them as friends to remove their updates, and you have the option of removing updates while still maintaining an easy link to their information. Why choose to remove them completely? Seems like overkill.

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It’s just the way I use Facebook… a lot of people do. It isn’t a personal thing to remove them. I just want the friends in there that I’m trying to keep up with, but don’t want to be inundated with a lot of stuff. I like keeping the news feed on the people I have, but don’t tend to keep a lot of friends that are just remote acquaintances, especially when they fill their Facebook up with a ton of garbage. It’s just a preference. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the people or that I’m mad at them.

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You can create groups on Facebook and the group names will show up on the upper left of the home page. If you click on that group you will see only the newsfeed of the selected people in the group. You can use this group for when you send messages to the their inbox like a distro list on Outlook. On the Home page just go to +Create on the upper left…its very easy and very useful.

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Not only do I not know and not care very much but I think to myself, why are YOU caring? If relationships are based on give and take or even perhaps a sharing of knowledge if this person has takn from you, don’t stress! It’s only their inability to see how good you are. Cannot help some one if their determined not to be helped and the same is true in your case… If you Do find them? If it actually happened? and what could you do about it to change it?

Care about it yes lose sleep no!

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Facebook friends aren’t real friends so your friend score is not important.

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Actually, most of my Facebook friends are real friends, but even so, I’m not upset, only curious.

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