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Are french bulldogs hard to maintain?

Asked by krizan (56points) June 27th, 2009

i want to buy french bulldog so i’m interested.

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All dogs are pretty hard to maintain: grooming, cleaning after their crap, telling them to not chew sandals, etc. etc.
so..Yes they are…Good Luck :)) Welcome

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thanks for answering, but i’m looking for more specific answer…..

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bulldog would this help?

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thanks, that’s more like it :)
although i was hoping to hear from someone who had “first hand” experience….

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oh sorry I have a maltese, but it’s still a dog.

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One of my co-workers just got a French Bulldog. She is the SWEETEST thing!!! In my experience of the Frenchys that have come to stay at my work, they are very friendly, great with children, total play machines and chow hounds, and have no problem letting you know if they want something. If you don’t mind an adorable, affectionate dog who’s weight you will probably need to keep an eye on, needs to be exercised regularly, will demand that you spoil them, and give you unlimited love and laughs; go for it!!!

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thanks, i’ve heard that there might be a problem with snout and eyes…....

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Yes, you need to make sure to keep their nails trimmed and that they avoid any really rough play that could cause eye injuries. And because they are braciocephalic, you do need to make sure they don’t get overheated. I had to make sure my pugs stayed cool and didn’t damage their eyes and it’s really not too difficult. They make cooling pads and vests that really help.

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I don’t have any websites or anything, but a friend that bought one last year. Great dog, but lots of health problems-mostly minor but very costly. The vet told him that the breed is known to have problems throughout his/her life. Good luck, take your time purchasing and talk to several breeders before falling in love with a puppy.

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They are one of my all-time favorite breeds and the only braciocephalic dog I would consider having.

In addition to what has been mentioned, they can sometimes be a willful; some of them love everyone, others are one-person dogs.

Study up on the health issues and choose a reputable breeder and discuss those issues with the breeder beforehand.

Then sit back and enjoy a canine bundle of personality that will light up your life!

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