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can going outside with a wet head get you sick?

Asked by skar138 (154points) January 2nd, 2008
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It’s not a direct link, since colds and flu are caused by viruses, not cold wet hair; but there’s a possibility that going out with cold wet hair makes you more susceptible to those viruses.

If this is because of a fight with your mother, give in now.

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According to an article in Slate magazine, researchers have found that the ambient temperature has no effect on your immune system. The reason that people catch colds and flu during the winter is because the viruses survive better (longer) in cold weather.

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No, it can’t get you sick—only viruses or bacteria can do that. But WHY would you want to do that? Just the thought of it makes want to put on my warmest hat right now

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I have heard the awnser before that virus survive better (longer) in colder weather, so my question has always been why are operating rooms so cold?

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The more direct reason we catch colds durning the winter is because we spend much more time indoors with the windows shut, which makes passing virus’ in a small, warm, closed off space significantly easier.


You’re chances of catching a cold outside are drastically lower than they are inside. Tell your mother (if that’s the case) to stop mindlessly repeating nonsense and start thinking logically. If she’s really concerned about you catching a cold tell her to pick up some antibacterial wash at the store.

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I go out w. wet hair all the time (today was an example – 8 degres F). Since I have stopped using a dryer (so bad for my thick, coarse, Russian hair), it’s the simplest way. Shower, shampoo, towel dry, dress, etc., hit the road. At present, all my local family is in bed w. fever and flu except me. We were all together on Xmas day, with a number of people hacking and dripping and moaning. I am fine.

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In my long hair/beard days, I used to amuse myself by getting out of the shower, not drying my hair and beard, then walking to class in the winter, playing hair and beard sculpture on the way to class. I could usually get my long hair and beard into some amusing or frightening shapes to walk into class.

OK, I was broke and had to find entertainment where I could get it.

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Cold temp is not associated with either weaked immune system or better virus survival. It’s all about being inside more with sick people in the winter.

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I ramp all of my car windows down and put the sun roof back in order to better facilitate the drying of my flowing locks. I haven’t caught cold yet (knock on wood).

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Operating rooms are cold because it forces your superior blood vessels to collapse causing blood flow to stay near your organs. This prevents massive blood loss due to your body attempting to keep your organs and major body parts at the appropriate temperature to prevent organ failure. Gotta love homeostasis :)

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