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What is the best area to live in Chicago?

Asked by oksana_bm (145points) June 27th, 2009

I am thinking about moving to Chicago and buy condo there. Just what to ask where should I start to look, I mean area, neighborhood, with the budget about $200,000

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oksana -

there are a WIDE variety of areas to live in chicago. i lived in Rogers Park, which is the farthest north neighborhood in the city limits, for 2 years, and it was very nice. Prices will vary even in the same neighborhood.

are there any specifics you’re looking for, besides price?
ты говоришь по-русски? хочешь жить в русском районе?

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no, sorry, don’t want to live in ru or ua area and south side. Specifics are next-don’t need schools to be close (don’t have kids), don’t need public transportation to be close,need quite area.

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lincoln park, hyde park, bronzeville, if you feel adventurous, wrigleyville, roscoe village, clybourn corridor, south of roosevelt around michigan, beverly, mt. greenwood, loyola, river north,lakeshore after illinois street, gold coast if you can afford it, the gap…

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If you tell us a bit about your personality and what you want in a neighborhood, we can give much better advice. Without that, I’d say Lincoln Park is nice. I prefer Ravenswood, but I don’t think I’d want to buy there—I’d much rather rent. Andersonville and just north of it are nice too. But again, it really depends on you.

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@EmpressPixie i was waiting for you to come along, EP. Ravenswood is nice. Andersonville is good – a tad colorful – but a nice neighborhood.

I think anything on the far north side is really pretty nice. Around Loyola, near the Lake, etc.

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I’m 24, married,don’t have kids, have cat :) , like tennis, parks, lake :) , don’t like to live close to old people or people with the kids, LOVE driving, prefer condo. what else…...?

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@oksana_bm ha. no old people. lol. you might look at living in the suburbs outside the city – like Naperville or Glenside.

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If you want to live in the city, you probably want the north side, then within the north side, it sounds like you want something near the lake. Lincoln Park is mostly youngish professionals and college students, it’s right on the lake, it has a lot of large, gorgeous parks. It has the nationally known Green City Market farmer’s market. It’s a fun place to live. There’s nearby tennis, a marina, it’s basically got everything. It’s also pretty expensive. It’s considered one of the nicest parts of the city. There are also a lot of kids, but you can easily work where choose to be kid free and old person free. Right now (I’m moving to Pittsburgh in July), I’m living in a really nice, family owned building that’s all adults, right on the park. It’s just all how you work it.

Honestly, I’m most familiar with Lincoln Park, Ravenswood, Andersonville, and Lakeview. They would probably all be fun options—you’re less likely to find a nice condo in Ravenswood—it’s more houses or apartments. Lakeview and Lincoln Park are on the lake and most likely to give you really good lake access. Lakeview is probably less expensive than Lincoln Park (because the good rule of thumb is the further away from the Loop, the less expensive stuff gets until you hit the burbs).

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