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Do you know why there is a bird repeatedly flying into my window at 11:30 PM?

Asked by Ivan (13479points) June 27th, 2009

This is very strange.

There is a bird repeatedly trying to fly through my window as if it were a moth attracted to the light. It’s the middle of the night. I’m afraid it’s going to do it until it kills itself.

Why is it doing this? How can I prevent it from hurting itself?

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It’s stalking you :o
Well have you tried opening the window?

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I’m not going to let it in…

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Is it light inside and dark outside where you are? They can’t see the glass, and sometime try to fly to where they can see, especially when they are young. I suppose after enough bonks on the head, they can also get a bit disoriented!

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@Ivan haha I didn’t mean it like that.
If it does it everyday there must be a reason. Do you have another bird in your house it might try to get to?

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My only guess is that he’s attracted to the light, although I’ve never seen a bird do that before.


This is the first time it’s happened and I don’t have any other birds.

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Perhaps it can see it’s own reflection in the window and is trying to protect a nest. We have birds do this before when they have had a nest nearby.

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Interesting possibility.

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Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds? It all started with a single bird trying to fly through a window. Time to start boarding up the house!

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Perhaps you smell like a big juicy worm.

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It’s happened to us before. I did a bit of research on it and what I found is that @juwhite1 is correct. The bird doesn’t understand that there’s glass there. Sometimes they will keep doing it until they pass so if you can scare it off or make it less attracted to the window then great.

There are also interesting superstitions about this phenomenon but I won’t go there since I do believe you wouldn’t be interested. :P

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Similar topic. A rooster was cawin’ like a madman at like 4AM the other day, keeping me awake. Frustrated and exhausted, I go to my computer to update my Twitter in anger.


Five seconds later, I get a response from some random chap across the pond, “Maybe someone heard you like a little cock?”

So you see, Ivan. Life is all about taking a little cock now and then. It all makes sense.

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Oh, and for a bit of seriousness, if what @RedPowerLady and what @juwhite1 has said is true (which it likely is), just grab a small lamp or something and place it by the window. If you’re in a dark room, it’s easier for the birdie to see the reflection (think of interrogation room, two-way mirrors, etc)

A small nightlight would help. Maybe grabbing a whiteboard or something and covering up the window would help.

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I have the same problem, though at various times. I guess birds in my area can’t tell time. Anyway, I’ve watched it happen a couple times now. My bird is trying to get to the nest just above my window. It will swoop in and hit the window, bounce off, then reorient to get to the nest above. It’s hard to see the eyes, but it may be cross-eyed, which could also account for the difficulty telling time. ;-)

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Well, birds fly into our windows all the time. That’s nothing special. What’s strange about this one is that it keeps doing it very rapidly. It’s acting like a moth: flapping its wings rapidly and continually ramming into the window.

For the moment, it appears as though he’s gone.

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@Ivan Do you put crack in your bird feeders?

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Birds on crack. Sounds like where I grew up.

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I had the same situation as @bythebay. The bird repeatedly attacked it’s reflection in the window. For days.

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Like @augustlan, we have had birds crash into the windows before for days on end; more specifically Robins. We ended up smearing soap onto the outside of the window to blur the birds view of itself. Hope you got some sleep @Ivan.

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it’s your reincarnated wife!

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Just close the curtains and there won’t be a reflection.

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I was told the reason why birds REPEATEDLY bounce off your windows is so the male can attract a female. Why? For some reason the sound of the male bird bouncing off a window attracts female birds. There was a male Robin doing that for almost 5 weeks now on my back window. He must have found who wanted to be with because I haven’t heard him for a couple days. Look it up on Google people. That’s what I did.

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