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Why is my Zuchinni squash a light green rather than dark?

Asked by inatizzy (8points) June 27th, 2009

I have zuchinni plants that came up from last years left over seeds. They are volenter plants. But this year, they are a light, almost lime green color! Whats up with that and are they edible? I have other plants of same volenters that are dark green like they should be.

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It could be that they aren’t ripe yet. Did you happen to notice if the dark green ones that are growing were lighter a few weeks ago?

Another possibility is that last year’s crop cross pollinated with another squash (or some other cucurbita, such as a gourd.) You wouldn’t have noticed this in last year’s crop, but the seeds would contain different genetic material than a pure zucchini would. If that’s the case, this year you might end up with some interesting (though perhaps not so edible) variations.

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Depends, if they’re that light they might be not ripe yet, but some zucchini simply are lighter, if i recall it depends on the nutritives in the ground as well as some other factors…

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